Maintaining Visibility While Skiing in Different Weather Conditions

There is nothing worse than preparing for a day of skiing and then finding out that the weather is not doing at all what was expected. Once you are away, or out on the slopes it can be frustrating to have your view cut down to nothing. Fortunately, ski goggles have a variety of different lenses to solve this problem.

Maintaining Visibility While Skiing

Lens Shape

One part of maintaining your visibility is the shape of your eyewear. Goggles are manufactured to have either flat lenses or spherical ones that curve around your face more.The ones with more curve help provide you with more peripheral vision. These also help to reduce glare but they can cost a little bit more. Just remember, the more you can see, the safer you will be, no matter what the weather is doing.

More on Spherical Lenses

This type of eyewear has a few other perks besides greater peripheral vision to help you see in all weather types.

  • They assist in preventing fogging with their shape.
  • The rounder shape also helps to reduce the distortion that you may get with the flatter styles
  • They are fantastic at cutting the glare by their design.

Polarized Styles

This eyewear helps to reduce strain and protects your vision no matter how bright the snow is. Many goggles like the Oakley Splice set come with a polarized version to make them better for bright days. This ensures that no matter what you can still see.

Colors Count Too

Not only is the shape important, but the color of your eye protection actually counts for more than fashion. So, let’s look at what some of the different colors are appropriate for. 

Overcast weather: The best colors to use when the skies are gray and cloudy are yellow and rose.

Sunny: When the sun is shining and the skies are bright, your best options as far as colors will be orange, gold, blue or grey. These will help cut out some of the brilliance and keep you on your trail.

Weather in between: When the conditions are changing or not staying one way or the other, it can be slightly more confusing. The best pairs for this kind of day are either amber or rose. They are versatile, so you can’t go wrong.

Night time: It can be a lot of fun to explore nighttime skiing. When going out in the dark, make sure that you are wearing clear eye protection. This way you can easily navigate without any cumbersome tinting.

Don’t Let Weather Change Keep You in

As you can see, there is a huge amount of choices when it comes to improving your visibility. You don’t ever have to let surprise storms or inept meteorologists keep you in the lodge ever again. With some pairs of eyewear you even have the choice of tear away lenses to make them even easier to switch out. It makes it a lot easier than taking a pair for every condition. So, get out there and enjoy your skiing!