The Marvelous Marcy Recumbent Mag Cycle

Marcy Recumbent Mag Cycle

The Marcy Recumbent Mag Cycle is one of the trendiest exercise bikes at available on having more than six hundred customer reviews and an overall  star rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 stars.  Many people comment that this simple bike is steady and easygoing. In fact, this bent was awarded the Best Budget Recumbent Bike title by Arthur Thares, a certified personal trainer.  It may not have all the fancy programs and add-ons that a lot of other models offer, but this cycle prides itself on it’s satisfying quality and excellence in performance.

Extra Perks

The Mag Cycle is an really basic recumbent bike, because of its exceptionally inexpensive cost, so it does not include a lot of extra perks. However, it comes with  all of the essential features to make for an successful and gratifying workout. You should refer back to the buyer’s guide to see all the features that recumbent bikes can offer.It noticeably is more basic than the Horizon Fitness RC-30 and certainly on the total opposite end in the features spectrum than other machines such as the Schwinn 270. Marcy produces this bike because they truly believe that top quality bikes as well as exceedingly  high standards when it comes to mechanical parts and components is far more important than stuffing their bikes with extra features and modes.


There are hundreds upon hundreds of positive reviews you can read online about this model. It definitely is a popular model bought online. It visibly is a solid and steady product with a good warranty to back that up. Here are some positive and satisfactory aspects that customers love about the Marcy Mag.


The most important plus is the price. The number one comment online is the low cost. Its is among the most affordable recumbent bikes you will buy on the market. For those who just want a machine to ride manually and who do not need the extra features such as USB ports and cooling fans, a budget bike is exactly what they need.


A basic design equals an uncomplicated and less frustrating fitness experience. Customers praise that it is super quick and really easy to assemble thanks to the very detailed and clear instructions.  The monitor only provides basic information needed during exercise with large, easy to read font. It shows your speed, your distance, and how many calories you are burning.


Although there are no pre-set workout programs offered as well as the ability to customize, you would still get a vigorous and heart pounding exercise routine with eight levels of resistance. As you progress and intensify your regiment, just simply turn the tension-tightening knob. Beginners can comfortably ride on lower levels, and more advanced riders will be satisfied with the high resistance.


Cycling pros favor bents like the Mag because of it’s magnetic resistance systems. The magnets allow for a smooth ride and quiet experience. A lot of customer reviews say that it is quiet enough to watch TV while exercising.  The step through design helps make mounting and dismounting more safe and less uncomfortable. To target as many as muscles as possible,  the accommodating counterbalanced pedals lets you to both pedal forwards or backwards without losing any of your resistance.

You certainly get the maximum out of your money. You may not get the bells and whistles, but this machine makes up for it in so many other ways.


Because this model is very basic as well as the low price, there are a few disadvantages the customers point out in their reviews online. Here are the main comments about this bicycle.

  • The limited uses that the monitor can not do as many functions as one other models
  • It is bulky. Weighing a whooping three hundred pounds, this is not a compact machine. You would certainly have to have the space (or make some extra room) for your Marcy.
  • Most of the negative comments have been about the seat. It does not have a comfy padding as other models. Many, also, mention that the seat does not fit them all together.

You get what you pay for, so a cheaper cycle might have a few drawbacks. Just know if you buy this product, you are not buying it for it’s features but functionality.

Ready to Buy

The Marcy Recumbent Cycle is a favorite and a most frequently bought low-priced recumbent bike on the market. The many customer reviews can attest that you most certainly get the most bang for your buck with this purchase.  It’s a great option to consider for a home gym or a personal exercise equipment you can use while watching TV.