Maximizing Your Weight Bench

You have purchased a weight bench because you have heard the benefits of using such a multipurpose piece of equipment. It can help you do weight lifting much more efficiently than lying on the floor or otherwise. The real question now is “how do I use this piece of equipment to the best of its ability?”. Everyone wants to be sure that they use any product they invest a lot of money into to the maximum usage. Here is how to do this with your weight bench, which really is just using this item properly.

Maximizing Your Weight Bench

Proper Use

Not only does the correct usage of any item help maximize the results for the user, it will help prevent injury as well. You do not want to suffer many of the injuries you could get from the usage of this product because it can have a long recovery time and be very painful. Having an item like the Competitor CB 729 Olympic Weight Bench is useful here.The first step in correctly using this item is to place your feet flat on the floor as well as making positive that your head, legs, and back is against the bench the entire time which will ensure you will have the proper support while using this type of equipment.  Next is to make sure that your elbows do not bend outwards while keeping your shoulder blades flat against the bench. Then you should be positive that your hands are shoulder width apart, or if that is not comfortable for you at whatever makes you feel the best as long as it’s spread apart. Keep in mind that as you lower the weights, you should time your inhales for then. As you push the weights back up, be positive that is when you exhale. While doing all of the above, remember you need to tighten up your core to really get the most out of any work out.

Other Considerations

Be positive to raise your chest up while you use this type of product. This can help prevent injury, especially to your shoulders. Be aware of your grip on the weights: your entire hand should be wrapped around the bar. To do this, start with holding it with your thumbs then place your entire hand around it but not too close to your fingers. It should be closer to your wrist. Keep your body weight held up by your heels while sitting down, so you can make sure you place your legs at the correct 90 degree angle. Also keep your feet close to hip wide to help you maintain your balance and stability. A final tip is to have someone around when you use this product, especially if you are a beginner. This can protect you from serious injuries your first time out.

Remember This

All these tips are important. Not only will following this advice help you get the best results possible on your weight bench, you can also prevent yourself from any injuries from improper usage. Some of these injuries include shoulder dislocation, wrist injuries, and back injuries. These all have a longer recovery time, and can prevent you from being able to properly meet your fitness goals in your planned time frame. You should also remember not to overdo it. Ease yourself into any exercise to get your body used to them. Having the best weight bench can make the difference here.