Urban Boundaries Men’s “Taslon” Ski Glove – Back to Basics

Men's Thinsulate Lined Taslon Ski Glove

Far from the toughest, most weather-resistant, or most top-of-the-line model available, the Urban Boundaries Taslon is still a solid bargain option. Those who confront harsh weather routinely would likely be better served by a heavier, more durable product, but for casual or occasional skiers, those skiing in relatively mild climates (or during spring), or those who are trying to make a pricey hobby more affordable, these may meet your needs.Even the Urban Boundaries website advertises their products as “Discount”—it’s right there in the homepage title, even— so make no mistake about what you’re getting with them. There are plenty of models out there that use superior materials, are built for greater durability, and can hang tough in more extreme conditions. But if you’re not looking for a grade-A model, and are prepared to sacrifice some features for affordability, this solid piece of equipment should still do okay by you.

Construction & Materials

The balancing act struck between quality and price point begins with the materials. In fairness, 3M’s Thinsulate is a long-time favorite in cold weather gear, and rightly so. This high tech form of insulation relies on tightly-woven microfibers that trap a maximum quantity of warm air and hold it in place, while allowing the moisture vapors from evaporating sweat to escape out smoothly. This one-two punch means that your hands will stay warm, without sweat eventually accumulating and possibly even freezing inside the glove. In short, dryness is a key component of staying comfortable long-term—say, over the course of a full day of skiing—and these can definitely offer it. 40 solid grams of insulation can definitely go a long way.As for the outer shell and inner membrane, which provide the first and final line of defense to either side of the insulation, these offer “taslon” nylon, which is a special weave of nylon that creates a special texture known to be tough and water-resistant. Is it the best out there? No. But it ought to do the job.

Simplicity, Good or Bad

Ultimately, these gloves just about embody the notion of simplicity. The closest thing to a “special feature” they offer is a wrist strap you can tighten to help keep snow from sneaking in the back door. In a marketplace that’s constantly striving for new innovations, including such arguably-frivolous advances as fingers you can text with (personally, I wouldn’t want to take the risk of dropping my phone off the ski lift) Urban Boundaries seems perfectly content in its role producing solid, affordable attire and gear for those who need reliable but not necessarily remarkable equipment.I suppose it’s indicative that a company with “Urban” in its name is making products that would mostly be used in very much non-urban environments—you don’t really get the sense that this is gear for experienced outdoorspeople, but for a city-dweller making a weekend jaunt into the mountains it may be a different story.

Widely-liked by their user base, these gloves could be great for the right customer. Though, if faced with the prospect of truly intense weather, consider buying a size too large so you can fit a pair of liners underneath.