The Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle

Mongoose Full Suspension Bicycle

The Benefits of an Impasse

Impasse is a situation in which no progress is possible, especially because of a disagreement (Merriam-Webster). The namesake of this bicycle maybe appear perplexing due to the manner in which an abstract concept is ambiguously described. Be that as it may, it will be the rider of the Impasse who will define the progress the Mongoose attempts to impede.The Mongoose is made of aluminum silver and black frame, which attributes to its weight of 46 lbs. It is built for casual or light rider, although as always, modifications can be made. The Mongoose rides easy on dirt trails, but not in areas with lots of hills/mountains.Wheels need to be proportional to the dimensions of the individual. The Mongoose is a bicycle geared towards taller individuals. Some individuals, those mostly several inches over 6’, reported that the seat adjustment had limited range resulting in discomfort associated with being hunched over. Individuals over 6’ should always search for large wheels that are either 29” or for 27.5” wheels. Twenty-seven and a half inch wheels provide benefits from both the 26” and 29” wheels, but are more difficult to come across. The Impasse is not recommended for youths because of this height.


Seats: surprisingly comfortable, but gel replacements for habitual use or for extended periods of time are suggested.

Dual (Full) suspension: Suspension is the insulation between the rider and bicycle from the terrain; full means it is present at both the front and rear.Dual suspension has more control as compared to hardtail suspension and reduces discomfort in the upper body.Suspension of Impasse works well to smooth out ruts and potholes in rural and country roads, as well as gravel and dirt roads. Initially, the suspension is stiff, but becomes smoother after a few hours of riding.


General Instructions: The Owner’s Manual applies to all Mongoose models; the generalization complicates the assembly process.The average assembly time is around an hour; do not expect to take the bike out the same day.

Packing: Or lack there of, was a disappointing aspect that resulted in various inconveniences.There is no Styrofoam packaging to protect delicate pieces like the rear derailleur, or the wheel hubs; as a consequence multiple people reported damaged parts on arrival.Cases of missing parts have also been reported. The bicycle came partially assembled with the front wheel tie wrapped to the frame. Customer service has been highly rated, due in part, because it has sent replacements of parts for free.

Smallness: The brakes are small, as is the kickstand.No place for a water bottle: If you intended on participating in mountain trails without any kind of backpack you should reconsider as hydration is of vital importance when engaging in this kind of rigorous activity.

Potential Changes And the Potential of Changes

A few brave souls reported experimenting on very steep and rugged terrain (in 8th or 9th gear). They reported that it was a smooth ride and that the bike handled well. For use on moderate or rugged terrain, a stop at a bike shop for a full tune-up is necessary as certain upgrades or re-assembly of parts ensures that the bicycle will be able to sustain the type of damage incurred on more advanced tracks. If repair occur from negligible to minimal severity, it is not worth the cost to repair the bike as it has limited durability, even in the best of conditions.Some people have decided to upgrade after 100 miles by changing the front shocks, brake calipers, brake levers, trigger shifters, etc. After overwhelming evidence from tens of reviews I would suggest you forgo this option. The Impasse should be used to its maximum capacity, and then be disposed of. If you are interested in a lower end bike that could be modified to a semi-pro quality I recommend the Kawasaki DX226FS Dual Suspension Bike, as it has proved more promising than the Mongoose.

The Verdict

Never do opinions line up perfectly, but there was such as an overwhelming disparity between the positive and negative aspects of this product. The brakes have been described as responsive, stopping every time and also as weak. If you are a gambler then you should test out the brakes for yourself; if not steer clear of the Impasse.The Impasse is for either occasional trail use or city use. It is not able to perform like a mountain bike; yet it does have a lot of the inconvieniences as one. The lack of water holder, the weight of about 40 lbs., the small breaks and kickstand (kickstands are not common on mountain bikes) are present in almost all types of mountain bikes, despite the price or brand.