Mountain Bikes

How to Team Build Using Sports

The benefits of group activities are the increased level of safety, the motivational support, and the medium for interaction between athletes of different levels of performance. This is an opportunity for you to find common ground with fellow co-workers and family members, while perfecting your shared interest.Hiking and jogging groups improve health in the following ways including the improvement of the immune system, the regulating of blood pressure, and the strengthening of the muscles, etc.Wheeled group activities, like cycling and roller staking, burn many calories, while protecting the joints from the high impact associated with running. Wheeled activities in certain formation allow for the mutual benefit for all members due to the use of drafting aerodynamics. These members are able to conserve energy by outputting less power, but maintaining the same speed due to the effects of drafting.A pack of 20-100 cyclist is called a peloton. Pelotons are seen on areas of flat terrain where the formation provides a greater advantage rather than on inclined planes. Skating clubs provide a venue to schedule frequent sessions and allow access to professional equipment and assistance for a modest fee.Assess whether your current bicycle is appropriate for the type of terrain you will ride on. Our picks of entry level bikes include the Kawasaki DX266FS and the 2014 Axis Diamondback as the best option for those who are new to cycling as it is an economical alternative to professional models necessary only for very advanced riders.

The Rise of Cycling As a Sport

Cycling as a sport that began in the last century , but specific disciplines did not take form until the past three decades, especially in mountain biking. The marketing of what were exclusively underground street sports into an mainstream televised event in the late 90s by ESPN gave rise to the X-games.  Initiatives like that of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association has attributed to the growth of cyclist with over 1,000 coaches leading 3,000 student-athletes outside a school campus setting . The inclusive nature of this sport, which makes no distinction between genders or age enables cycling to become a lifelong passion.The lightweight design and maneuverability of a bike makes it a mode of transportation that is efficient, inexpensive, suitable for urban streets and rural roads, and is also eco-friendly.With all the brand names that have developed , there are a few we trust enough to recommend as the 2014 Diamondback Axis and the Kawasaki DX226FS whose inherent superior quality makes it a favorite among bicycle enthusiast.There are full reviews available about both of these model, and more, which will demonstrate why they are the best cost-efficient options on the market in relation to the performance of the bicycle.

Fun In The Sun: Summertime Pastimes

Summertime is the season to revel in nature and soak up the Sun, before the winter’s snow comes.  Outdoor activities can be easily dived into two group: on the beach and at a park. On the shore sports like volleyball, swimming, and surfing/sailing  are excellent way to stay be active without having to pay high cost of entrance.For those of you too far from the coast, local and national parks are great alternatives to the confined existence in the concrete jungle that is the city. National parks have trails for use by hikers and cyclist alike. Another park (and beach) game that is popular among college kids is ultimate Frisbee, which requires only a Frisbee disc and is regulated by the players themselves, encouraging the honor system. Cycling has become popular in the past few years, especially the branch of mountain biking.Mountain bikes perfect for family activities are the Schwinn Women’s High Timber, which is CPSIA and ASTM safety compliant and allows for a child ‘s bicycle trailer to be attached.So get out and get active. Summer is only ¼ of the year and the Sun will not last. Camp-outs with s’mores and campfire songs , etc. are other pastimes that can be combined with any of the others stated previously.

How to Become A Pro Cyclist 

In order to become a better cyclist you must be able to recognize your main discipline of practice.  Joining a cycling organization, like USA Cycling, will not necessarily improve your abilities but the access to professionals will enable you to improve your technique based on the advice given to you.The main issues professionals identity in novices are not being properly prepared in case of an emergency, having no safety or repair kit essential in rural or remote areas, or the inability to perform proper maintenance. Not being acquainted with the features of your bicycle, such as inability to unclip pedals before a complete stop or adding excessive pressure on the brakes , resulting in the wheels locking up is a common mistake made by most rookies.Selecting the wrong bicycle is the most critical mistake made by beginners. Road bikes are not suitable for rugged terrain, but purchasing a $ 1,000 USD mountain bike is not advisable either. The most consistently recommended mountain bike is the Kawasaki DX226FS, which is suitable for multiple terrains like road, mountain, and possibly cyclo-crossing.Pro tips can come from even the most unlikely sources, so always lend an ear to well intentioned recommendations. Becoming a pro takes time and patience, so focus and ride on; when you become a pro , you will know.

Self-Propelled Alternatives to Public Transit

Public transportation is plagued with many problems from the levels of crime to scheduling conflicts that make it less than ideal when you are in a hurry. Subways and taxis/shuttles are not in abundance in the suburbs outside of metropolitan areas.  Bus transit is becoming more advanced in terms of eco-friendly technology used, but is subject to inflation based on gas prices, etc. and is a breeding ground for infectious diseases. Carpooling is based on this communal transit concept as well, and can be practical if you are traveling with friends or co-workers to a predetermined location. The issues with carpooling are that an increase in social situations with acquaintances can lead to conflicts.Self powered modes of transportation are becoming more popular due to the inefficiencies of the traditional communal methods of transit. Cycling is an option that burn about 300 calories per hour and is suitable for urban and rural use.Walking and running are other active alternatives that move someone from point A to point B, but  are their respective velocities  are not comparable to the velocities of wheeled self transportation. Mountain bikes will may be more practical for city use because of the uneven terrain in urban areas like potholes, etc. Schwinn is a trusted name when it comes to both men and women’s options. The Protocol for men and the High Timber for women are versatile bicycles that are our top picks for mountain bikes.

An Active Life in the Modern World

Inactivity is becoming more present in modern lives as a result of less leisurely time. The pitiful amount of time we do have for oneself is spent on activities that entertain rather than stimulate.The average American views a screen either a television, phone, or tablet screen for 8.5 hours a day. After our early adulthood the number of hours spent watching television 5 hours daily, only to increase after age 65.In addition to unhealthy body weight, vitamin deficiencies are also a nutritional problem Americans face. Vitamin D, iron , iodine are among the most commonly vitamin deficiencies.Cycling and jogging are two activities that are versatile and practical when becoming more active. A popular form of cycling, mountain biking can be used in urban or outdoor setting. Recommended bikes for trail use are the 2014 Axis Diamondback because of their superior quality and economic price. Upgrading this bike can enable it to handle rougher terrain, like downhill riding.Running and jogging is a great way to get in shape without having to purchase additional equipment besides a high quality pair of sneakers. There are various types of running therefore you must identify your purposes and alternate between anaerobic and aerobic forms.Never limit your options. Anything active that you enjoy that will stimulate your mind and body is the ideal option for you.