Mountain Warehouse Women’s Ski Gloves – Pretty, and Pretty Nice

Mountain Warehouse Womens Ski Gloves

If you’re looking for a good entry-level ski glove for a new or occasional skier, read on. All the more so if the skier in question places a real premium on looking stylish on the slopes. While these don’t sacrifice their ability to effectively protect extremities in favor of looking sharp, they definitely stand out as among the most aesthetically-pleasing offerings around their price point.Available in three colors—pink, purple, and white—these gloves can make a great addition to your winter wardrobe. But they’re more than just cute.

Princess Cute, Tomboy Tough

First off, their synthetic outer layer is treated with a high-tech finish known as Durable Water Repellent. This sophisticated additive will help ensure that your hands stay dry in nearly any conditions, though of course no sealant is perfect.  By chemically ensuring that water beads up on the exterior, before it can even touch the fibers of the advanced fabric underneath, this substance not only keeps chilly water out and away from your hand, it also ensures that beads of water roll off of the glove’s exterior before they can interfere with the breathability, which is extremely important to a wearer’s comfort, since it allows air to circulate and prevents buildup of sweat.Note that while the Durable Water Repellent is “durable”—meaning designed to stay in place even after rough use—it’s not invincible. Because it’s a treatment added to the fabric, there is some possibility for it to be worn away, especially if your gloves will take many trips through the washing machine. Fortunately, comparable formulas are made by many manufacturers, and can be purchased and re-applied at home. Of course, it’s up to you whether to undertake such an extreme degree of maintenance for such a low-priced item. Many may find it easier simply to replace them if they begin losing their waterproofing, but it’s a personal choice.Underneath that waterproof layer you’ll find a nice quantity of insulation—not a very large amount, but not a very small amount either, rather a good in-between quantity—to help seal your body’s natural warmth in. Even better, its inner lining is made of fleece, one of nature’s great innovations in the field of heat retention. A tried-and-true method of keeping warm since long, long before synthetic textiles hit the scene, fleece is a favorite not only because it’s warm and exceptionally comfortable, but also because unlike some materials it remains effective even when damp.

Not Perfect, but Good

Unfortunately the cuff protection on these gloves could be better. It’s often standard to include at least a strap around the wrist that will help secure them from falling off and help limit how far into your glove snow can get, if not an additional drawstring or some secondary way to tighten the glove. In comparison, these have only an elasticated wrist. While undoubtedly comfortable, you’ll want to make sure your glove is tucked tightly into your sleeve, to help get some of the protection against intrusion by snow that isn’t built directly in.Still, for a product that’s both chic and cheap, while still offering very solid protection against the elements, this is a great choice to go with.