Why You Need a Foam Roller

Using a foam roller is increasing in popularity for the everyday person, and not just for use at the gym or physical therapy. Countless people sing the praises of this new trend appearing in our lives. But what is a “foam roller”, and how do I decide which one is for me? All will be answered as you read on.

Why You Need a Foam Roller

Can I use one?

This is a product that has much versatility. It might be utilized for deep tissue massaging, similar to one that costs a fortune at a place like a spa. It might help athletes and people who sit at a desk all day soothe their muscles. It is able to use after a workout during your cool down sessions or even during a workout. They vary from affordable to expensive in prices. You will be pleasantly happy with your choice to use this piece of equipment.

Why should I use a foam roller?

Utilizing this equipment has many benefits to the user. The biggest benefit people see from usage is the massaging effect. It can relieve those knots you get while sitting in your cubicle for 8-10 hours straight for your job. After a workout, you are able to use one for smoothing out your muscles to help reduce the recovery time so you are able to continue one with your routines. For runners, it could help soothe those muscles after a long run. People who suffer from chronic pain can benefit because it will massage those muscles and help with the pain, which is why they are commonly used during physical therapy sessions. It can help ones that get tight from stress and poor posture. Not only does it help release muscle tension, but it also increases the blood flow. This is why your recovery time is reduced. More blood flow equals more oxygen which helps the muscles recover quicker. If those are not taking care of, you can suffer from reduced and painful mobility as well as lack of flexibility. So to recap: you should use this product because it reduces stress, helps with the post exercise aches, prevents injury from overwork tissues, and can increase flexibility.

How does this miracle product work?

When used properly, the roller can get deep into your tissue and breaking up the tightness to really help lessen the pain and release those knots that form in between the many layers of your muscles. It compresses everything, which helps open up your veins so that the blood flow is free to get around to where it’s needed.

Things to consider

Rollers come in different sizes and textures to really help you get what you need. Some are textured like the ProSource Ultra Deluxe Revolutionary Sports Medicine Roller, so you get a much more unique massage, where as a smooth surface gives a standard massage. Then, there are varying densities. The high density types gets much deeper into those tissues where a lower density is less intense and does not really get too deep. The lower densities are more for beginners. There are different lengths and sizes to choose from. To decide, you need to figure out your needs. If you need something that works with your full body, a longer roller is best. If you just want to get a few key spots, they make much smaller versions too. Another consideration is that when you are first starting out, rolling could be a bit painful as your body gets used to this equipment. Be aware, if it is too painful to tolerate you should stop usage immediately. This equipment might not be for you.

How do I use this product?

You should use it daily, focusing on the sore areas for about 30 seconds to a minute. This should be used for about 20 minutes in total every day. When using it, you should apply an adequate amount of pressure to the focus areas to receive maximum benefit. Roll slowly; doing it any faster can harm you more than assist you. Be sure that you are as relaxed as possible. This will help you avoid injury. If you find a spot too achy to use this item comfortably, try using it on the muscles around the sore spot. Then slowly work your way to the achy muscle to relieve the pressure. A final note: do not use on joint or bones. You can find smaller sizes that can get into certain areas, but you can risk injury if done improperly in areas close to your bones.You will find that this is a great item to consider. It’s versatile. It can be useful for work outs as well, but it is mostly for helping relieve tension and problematic chronic pain. The benefit for utilizing this piece of equipment for after workouts is beyond anything else. But most importantly, this product can be used for anyone who just wants a little de-stressing.