Why You Need a Home Gym

You hate going to the gym. Don’t worry, most people hate it. You have to worry about finding parking, driving all the way to the gym sometimes even the next town over. Then you get there and have to worry about the people that are in better shape then you judging you. It is a hassle that successful demotivates you and stops you from even bothering. So maybe you should consider a home gym?

Why You Need a Home Gym

How Do I Know What to Choose From

This can be tricky. The first step is to always write down a list of your needs and wants, and this will help guide you into the right direction. There are so many machines and equipment to choose from that it can definitely overload the novice. Do your research.

After you pick your room, you need to decide what to put in it. Do not waste your time buying something that no one will ever use. You could have used that money to get a better item that you needed or something that better suits your wants and needs. This is why planning and research are very important to do.

The Equipment

You need to get a wide variety of items to get a really well-rounded home work out area. This will be important so you are able to get the most for your money and the most out of your investments here. You don’t want a room full of weights and nothing else. Here are some suggestions:

  • Cardio machinery: Treadmills and ellipticals are generally the more popular of these machines though you could also go towards a stationary bike as well. Treadmills can provide you will a lot of cardiovascular endurance training as well as high calorie burn, and an elliptical is a good option too but is not as easily used by people of different sizes if you have people of varying height and weight as your house that will be using this product.
  • Stability balls: These are incredibly inexpensive items are very versatile. You could use it to sit on and do your sit up and crunches so that you engage your core more while using it which will increase the muscle toning you will get when doing those exercises. There are many other exercises you might do with this item.
  • Dumbbells and other weights: If the goal is to tone your muscles and/or bulk up, this is a necessity for you. You would also consider getting a weight bench so you are capable to use these items safely and maximize the results of using them.
  • Yoga mat: You might be thankful for this if your room is not the most padded in the house. Your knees will thank you when you are doing burpees on it. This is a great item to have because you can always find a use for it.

These are just some of the basic items to consider for your home work out area. You should also consider things like resistance bands, kettle balls, a personal trampoline, and a pull-up bar. Then you should think about if someone will want a television, need a stereo or any other items of that sort to make it a positive experience for you.


You might be wondering if it is needed to splurge for a machine like a treadmill. The answer is quite simply: yes. A machine like the Sole Fitness F85 Folding Treadmill will really add into your house. You should not neglect a good cardio work out. This will increase your circulation as well as your lung capacity. Plus, you might reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke which will lengthen your life span.

Why Should I Bother

The amount of money you would be putting into your home gym does save you money and sanity. You can buy things piece by piece so you do not go broke. It is a process that you can build up that will eventually eliminate the need of those costly gym memberships and save you from dealing with the rising gas costs for travelling to the closest one to your home. Plus, you do not have to think about things like paying for a babysitter or daycare since you will be at home.

If that was not enough of a reason to bother, just imagine the convenience factor. If you are the type that needs to look your best with perfectly done hair and make up to go out, even to the gym, you save yourself the time. You also do not have to be embarrassed about public restrooms and showers, because we know the hassle those can be.

I Need This

You sure do. A home gym is an excellent idea if you have the space for one. You can save yourself money in the long run and get a work out to lose that weight you were wanting to do or maintaining it because we know how much of a hassle both can be.

This is a wise choice for you to make. Remember the goals that you have set for yourself and use that as motivation to do this. It can do nothing but benefit you and give you a nice long and healthy life.