Will the Oakley Splice Ski Goggles Fit your Style

Oakley Splice Adult Goggles

Cold weather sports are a fantastic way to spend your time and it’s important to be properly equipped before you take off for the snow covered slopes. Companies are always trying to add something new to make their gear stand out, and the Splice goggles by Oakley are no different. With the cold winds and the flying snow, you can rest assured that your vision will be protected with this versatile and stylish eye protection. But, are they the right equipment for your wintery needs? Let’s see how they stack up against the other options on the market today.

What do we like about this pair?

This eye protection provides a super comfortable fit, with a snug frame and highly adjustable strap. This makes them able to fit your face well and provide more protection for your eyes. They also have a wide field of vision and users have mentioned that they are highly fog resistant. After all, the most necessary part of the goggle is to keep your line of sight clear.One of the nicest features of this option is the customizability they offer. The Splice is available in more than 30 combinations of strap combination and lens color, so you can really get whatever you need as far as visible light transmission needs and style. The lenses come in a variety of different types and colors, for all weather conditions, so you never have to leave the powder behind. For example you can get yellow for days with little light available or dark grey for those outings on bright days. You can also choose a mirrored finish for those extra sunny days.

Things we don’t love about them

There are a few things that aren’t as stellar about these high end goggles from Oakley. First and foremost, they come at a pretty expensive cost. You can get a lot of the same good performance from another model like the Bolle Y6 without spending as much of your equipment budget.The biggest issue that most people found with them, though, is that the lenses are actually scratched far more easily than they expected. Several stated that even while wiping them down with a dedicated cloth, they still accidentally marred them. It’s important to keep this mind as you may have to handle them a little more carefully than you are used to. This is certainly not something we expect in such a high end version.

What else is there to know?

Oakley is a big name is the development and production of all kinds of eye protection. They have been in business since 1975, so they obviously know what they are doing and have become easily one of the most recognizable name is this equipment. The Splice model is backed by great warranty through this long lasting company, so that a definite plus for you just in case you run into any issues. But, on the other hand, Oakley does work very hard on making a quality product, and they didn’t stop with this set.They are constructed with polar fleece foam that is designed to be moisture wicking to help stop fogging on the lenses and improve the feel of them against our skin, even after spending hours on your skis. Additionally, these goggles have dual vented lenses, so you can be doubly sure you won’t get lost under the haze that appears on so many lesser options. The lenses are specially formulated to filter out 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays, providing even more protection for your vision, as well.This pair has an extremely wide range of vision which is always helpful for all of the conditions that you might encounter. The frames are very well made and sturdy, as well and the strap offers a lot of additional comfort for almost all users.

Final thoughts on the Splice

This company really does a wonderful job of developing new versions of their goggles to fit everyone and these are no exception. They are certainly the high quality that you would expect and have some great features to really make them stand out. Oakley’s lenses are well known for their anti fogging capabilities and this pair lives up to that, without question. In addition, another factor that really makes this version a nice treat is the high level of customization. You can really get all the fashion that you desire while still having the proper lens for your conditions and all the fantastic qualities you would expect from this big name maker. However, they also have a pretty high price tag on them, so you may want to go with something a little expensive if you are just getting started on your new hobby or if you are on a tight budget.