OPTP Soft Foam Roller: the Right One?

OPTP Soft Pro Foam Roller

Today we are going to look at two foam rollers and examine them to determine the best one to suit your needs. Both versions provide the user with a great quality product within the similar price range. The real decision is going to come to a density question, more firm version or a softer version. They can provide very different experiences and are for people of various levels of rolling.

Why Should I Choose It?

This is only available to purchase this roller in the 36 inch length, which means it can be more difficult to store and it isn’t as portable as other types of this equipment. It is constructed with a softer foam than many other brands, which covers a harder material. There is no hollow core on this equipment. The softer feeling of this material makes this an ideal piece of equipment for the beginner. The material used is also made to for easy clean up. However, the softer density to this equipment means that this really isn’t for any deep muscle massage or any heavy exercise. This can be ideal for someone who wants a calming experience or to assist aid in meditation or deep breathing than actual exercise. It’s highly recommended for people who need to do MELT routines to assist with their chronic pain. If having colors, other than black, this option comes in both pink and blue.This roller comes with high marks and is very recommended by its buyers. With the sturdiness in its construction, you will feel that this product will last through daily and heavy usage. That is something important to note, as many users are people that need it to help with chronic pain. If it works on someone’s chronic pain, imagine how this will feel if you have some minor aches after a workout.

Why Shouldn’t I Choose this?

This is not for you if you want a product that will really get into your muscles. The massage that this roller provides the user with is a much more relaxing massage than a real tension relieving one. You will not get that benefit you will get from any textured varieties or ones constructed with a high density foam. If that is what you want from your roller, this type will be unable to work for you. Is Pilates or a similar exercise something you would like to do with this type of equipment? Than this product is definitely not for you, as it would not hold up to the strong ones you would need for this.The biggest flaw with this product is that many users have complained how pliable it can be. This could mean that it will lose shape easily. The softer material means it also can bend very easily, which is a major reason that you should not use this product for any sort of exercise. This will only benefit you with light usages associated with more of a massage experience.

How OPTP Stacks Up?

When considering this roller against its competitors, it is important to consider what you really need. This is not a high density foam version. The main purpose for this one is more of yoga and other relaxation type exercises. This won’t hold up if you want it for balancing or other exercises that require an extremely firm version.When up against a competitor like the j/fit, it can’t compare to the strength of the high density materials. The j/fit will give a nice massage and works well for strengthening your core muscles during work outs. With the stronger materials, your muscles will really be treated to a nice tension relief. If this suits your needs better, then the OPTP won’t work out for you as the softer materials will not be strong enough for that.

The General Conscensus?

This equipment is strongly made, and does not flatten as easy as other models. If your needs require something that will help you exercise, than you really should not consider an OPTP model. This option is ideal for those just starting out with this kind of equipment, but might not be suitable for those that are experienced. It has been recommended by users for those with chronic pain and people who are required to do MELT routines because you will find it to be easier on the muscles than more firm varieties. It is overall very well recommended by its users. Most of the users came across this model from recommendations from professionals they sought out to help them with physical therapy or rehabilitation.Overall, for this price you get a good quality roller that does not break the bank for the frugal beginner. If this does not meet your expectations, you would not be too upset about how much money you spent. And if it does exceed what you expected, you can upgrade to a better quality as you become more experienced without feeling as though you wasted money.