Penn Head Speed Review: From Beginner to Winner

Penn Head Speed 25 Tennis Racquet

An ideal racquet for the young beginner, the Penn Head Speed is the perfect combination of light and sturdy. First introduced in 2011 by Penn Racquet Sports, the Head Speed is a junior-size replica of the adult Youtek Speed racquet favored by tennis great Novak Djokovic. The Head Speed has a ton of positive features for the young tennis player, including but not limited to a small, easy-to-grip-handle for smaller hands. The overall frame of the Head Speed is incredibly light, making it ideal for (Surprise, surprise) young players who desire more power behind their hit with less effort. The Head Speed is a great option for the young player to develop their technique for as long as they need to, without their arm suffering the injuries or general wear that a heavier racquet may inflict.

Product Specs

  • 25 inches in length
  • 93 square inch head
  • Weight approximately 7.4 ounces when strung
  • Now features O-Beam construction for sturdier yet lighter design
  • 19 mm beam

A Closer Look…

According to the item’s description, the Head Speed is ideal for players 50-54” tall. The Head Speed’s light O-Beam design offers a light, yet solid swing for young players not used to the power of a heavier racquet, and the generous sweet spot on the head allows for most balls to be returned with force but with less effort required. Like the Wilson XL, the Head Speed is a good option for a person who is not sure whether or not they will truly commit to tennis because it is a low-priced racquet and a better option for a beginner than a heavier, expensive racquet. The people who use the Head Speed appreciate the ease of handling and the comfort that it provides.

The Good

  • Length of the Penn Head Speed is perfect for young children around 50- 55 inches tall
  • Extremely light and maneuverable
  • Generates a lot of power on every hit without a lot of effort
  • Great racquet for the price
  • Easy-to-grip handle helps young players with smaller hands to play their best tennis

The Not-So-Good

  • The strings are not the best quality and some players have said they needed to have it re-strung pretty soon after they purchased it
  • While the Head Speed is a good learning tool for beginners, it will not be long before the player’s skill level exceeds the Head Speed’s capabilities and the purchasing of a new racquet is necessary. It is not a long-term option by any means
  • Frame is said to damage fairly easily

Consider This One If…

You or a member of your family is just starting off in tennis and are looking for a low-priced racquet to start with. Also, the light frame, the tightly strung head, and the large sweet spot are all factors that will help you if the power behind your swing is not quite where you would like it to be. Hitting with more power is made easy with the Head Speed.

Final Thoughts

I believe that in the case of the Head Speed, one does get exactly what they pay for. I mean, yeah the racquet does work well for people just starting out but if dependability is what you require from a racquet, the Head Speed is not what you are looking for. I am not saying that it is a bad option necessarily, just advising you not to expect to win all kinds of tournaments with it. Some customers say it works well, while others say that it doesn’t. Do I believe it’s a bad product? Absolutely not. There are plenty of good things about the Head Speed to consider. The Head Speed saves you from potentially wasting money on an expensive alternative that may or may not be used, and is comfortable for young players when building their skills and techniques. So I guess that for the experience level of the Head Speed, not much is needed yet. The Head Speed is meant to be a beginner’s racquet and will more than likely be exchanged for a more advanced one by most players when the time comes. As long as the buyer has honest, realistic expectations of the Head Speed when buying, there is no reason why it will not be good to them.