PowerBlock SportBlock 2.4 – Inclusive Review

PowerBlock SportBlock 2.4 Adjustable Dumbbell Set

Many people want a chance to have a new beginning. The best idea they can come up with is that it is finally time to move out of their parents’ basement. Normally the first apartment they choose is cheap with very little room for extra personal possessions.Well PowerBlock has invented a compact adjustable dumbbell set that is perfect for those who want to start over. The SportBlock 2.4 has eight fixed-weight sets packed into one adjustable dumbbell set. Each one ranges in weight from three to twenty-four pounds and changes in three pound increments. If you are one of those people who want a chance to start over, then keep on reading and I will explain why this adjustable dumbbell set is perfect for you.

Last Resort

You, the consumer, have looked all over the inter-web for a cheap, condensed, dumbbell set that will fit perfectly in your closet. Many of those big, bad, companies want you to believe that they are the best on the market and they you should buy from them. Then as your scrolling through their stuff on Amazon you come across reviews of their products. Ouch.In frustration you angrily click on the next “best seller” as a last resort and come across the PowerBlock SportBlock 2.4. What makes this set different from the rest of the “best sellers” on the market? Well, let us take a look at what it has to offer.

  • 24 pounds on each dumbbell
  • Changes in 3 pound increments
  • Has a 10 year warranty
  • Condensed to make hiding it easy

Having only twenty-four pounds on each hand and being able to change in small three pound increments provides a comfortable range for a novice whereas the BowFlex SelectTech 552 has 52.5 pounds on each hand and changes in five pound increments. This may make it harder for novice, who cannot lift five pounds, to get the proper training.With every product you will have some issues here and there. The SportBlock 2.4 implicates the stacked system. This system stacks weights inside one another until the ultimate weight is reached. To select the amount of weigh you want is as easy as sliding a pin into place.The pin is held to the weights by a magnet. An issue you may have if you’re not careful is that the pin can cross two weights. Also the magnets could be stronger but that is why there is a backup elastic band in place.

One Of The Leading Competitors

PowerBlock Inc. was founded in 1991 by Greg Olson and Carl Towley. Both men are specialty fitness equipment designers and together they worked for companies like Parabody and Cybex. Their question was why couldn’t people get a cheap, durable, and compact dumbbell set that was different from traditional sets? And from that PowerBlock was conceived. All of PowerBlocks equipment is made in the United States. They have a good reputation for making durable, low cost, at home gym equipment. The company provides a ten year warranty so if something were to go wrong with your equipment then you will not have a problem replacing it. The stacked system in place makes this a very compact product. Plus the less weight you have the more compact it gets.The square shape makes it very modern looking. The dimensions for this particular product are: 5 inches high by 10.5 inches wide by 5.25 inches deep. You can simply pack this away under your bed if you are running out of space in your apartment/house. There is a color coded chart on the top of the set that tells you how much weight you will be lifting.Something else great about this merchandise is that it has a padded handle. Other competitors like the cast iron set do not have a padded handle which means that you will be feeling the burn in one place that you definitely do not want hurting later that day.Hurting in the wrong place can make it harder down the road for you. You will not be hurting in your pocket book when purchasing the SportBlock 2.4. as it is priced competitively.

So what are you waiting for?

Overall when looking at your certain situation you have to decide which adjustable dumbbell set is just right for you. This merchandise is perfect for those who want to start a work out regime for the first time. With only twenty-four pounds in each hand you can start slow and steady.Slow and steady also gets you a ten year warranty which is amazing compared to every other player in the fitness game, who normally only give you a one year warranty. Plus with a price so attractive you save a lot of money. Even better you do not have to purchase a stand to go with them because the weights lay inside one another.This set is one of the best out on the market for beginners who do not have a lot of space or money. Just a few clicks of your mouse and you have a wonderful product. Save the angry clicks for Facebook.