Prince O3 Review: A New Challenger Emerges

Prince O3 Silver OS Prestrung Tennis Racquet

First unveiled in 2003, this heavy hitter won an Editor’s Choice Award in Tennis magazine and has been widely praised for its overwhelming power and pinpoint accuracy. However, the O3 Silver’s secret weapon is its speed. String holes on the head of the racquet are designed to replicate the air intake ducts found in high-speed cars as well as some fighter jets. Needless to say, it is built for players who want a faster hit. It is most commonly used by players of basic to intermediate skill level who need to generate more power on their hits before developing their own technique.

Product Specs

  • 27 ¾  inches in length
  • 118 square inch head
  • Weighs a total 9.6 ounces when strung
  • Equipped with Speed Ports on the head
  • Frame is built out of titanium alloy

A Closer Look…

These days, many tennis racquets are very similar in feel and design. Which is why in 2005, Prince Sports knew they had to introduce a design that would be unlike any the world had ever seen before. Hence, the Speedport was born. A sleek, modern prototype soon emerged from the Prince Testing Center and made its mark on tennis history. It soon became apparent that it was no ordinary racquet. The head was equipped with large, uniquely sculpted string holes as well as the largest and most powerful sweet on record. No, this was certainly no ordinary racquet. This design was the racquet of the future.

So, what sort of performance can we expect from the Silver? The first factor a player will notice is SPEED. And I don’t mean just the “Hey, look at me, I’m jogging faster than everyone else on the path” kind of speed…I’m talking about the “Oh my God, I’m pretty sure I just watched the sound barrier shatter” kind of speed. These puppies are fast. The Silver is designed specifically to speed up a player’s swing by 24% by utilizing the Speedport technology in the head. Air resistance is a thing of the past with Speedport. With its aerodynamic design, the Silver allows a player to react with greater speed and agility in situations where a quick change of form is necessary (for example, a backhand hit).

This racquet is known for speed, but also achieves recognition with another unique feature. The sweet spot on the head set a record for size and power when the Silver was first introduced. It is ideal for getting harder hits with less effort, which is why it is the most popular with players from beginning to intermediate skill level.

The Good

  • The power in the Silver is great and can make any player’s overall style stronger.
  • Has amazing maneuverability and speed due to the Speedport technology
  •  Has a sweet spot that allows more power on a hit even if you are off balance.
  • Players with a weak backhand have said that the Silver helped strengthen their backhand technique significantly

The Not-So-Good

  • The head is large, but the weight of the Silver is often considered too light.
  • The amount of power behind it is both a blessing and a curse. Sure, it’s great for hitting the long shots but the player should be prepared to accidentally lose a decent amount of close net shots out of bounds. With the Silver, it takes very little effort to send the ball clean out of the stratosphere.
  • Customers have said that the frame cracks fairly easily if used by a power hitter
  • Lacks touch and feedback on ground strokes
  • Racquet strings aren’t the best quality
  • A little more on the expensive side

Consider This One If…

You are a player who wants to speed up their game, who wants a generous sweet spot, and who wants power in their racquet. Be warned, however- in the world of tennis, power isn’t always a good thing. To be 100% honest, if you are a power hitter already, think twice before purchasing the Silver.

Final Thoughts

It is not hard to see why the Silver revolutionized the game of tennis. While there are a few snags in performance, it is clear that it is a quality racquet made by a quality company. Prince took a risk and incorporated state-of-the-art technology for a total departure in tradition. And did that risk pay off? I believe that it did, because no traditional racquet on the market today can match the aerodynamic qualities of the Silver. When I look at the Silver, I see a product that is worth the price, even if it is higher than a lot of other options out there. Sometimes in life, there are times when quality is worth paying for. This is one of those times. Quality racquet, smart use of physics, and a unique design. I can get on board with that. How about you?