ProRower H2O RX-750 Home Series Rowing Machine

ProRower H2O RX-750 Home Series Rowing Machine

The ProRower H2O is a water-resistance rower, meaning that it has a water-filled tank attached that provides the drag required for an intense full body workout. Water-resistance is often touted as the best type of rower because the feeling is comparable to actually rowing outdoors. Unlike other types, this type of rower provides a more natural feeling experience while working out. This brand allows you to have that feeling with the convenience and safety of being indoors. Let’s explore why this model is one of the best out there, and why you should consider purchasing the ProRower.

Pros and Cons

This is a great machine to buy whether you are a beginner, workout enthusiast, or professional athlete. There are no complicated settings or programs to follow. Just pull your own strokes depending on your comfort level, and the water drag will do the rest. The resistance is based on how fast or slow you choose to row. There is no pre-set program that will ever perfectly match your needs, which is why the natural route is an often favored choice. And for those who want to go green, this is one of the most natural forms of exercise you can get while still being indoors. The tank provides everything you need to work up a sweat, and there is no need for a plug because there is no electricity needed for this brand. Many other tank-based rowers still require an outlet, either for the monitor or to speed up or slow down the water in the tank. This brand just uses the natural motion of the waves created by your hard work.

On top of all that, the ProRower is suitable for all ages and lifestyles. The foot pedals are adjustable to all lengths, so all members of your family can enjoy this fun and intense workout. If some members of your household are more experienced in working out,  this brand is perfect because there is no need to adjust the settings from person to person. When you hop on, you decide for yourself how fast and hard you want to go. Suppose you start rowing and decide you love it and want to take it even farther! This machine is great for those who want to eventually transition into rowing as a sport, because the feeling is so similar to the real activity.

Consider your lifestyle before you purchase this machine, because the fact that it is a tank-based machine means that once you plant it down in your home, it will be difficult to move. It is not ideal for those who like to move their equipment to a more unseen place, or for those who are in a smaller space. Another thing to think about is the fact that the rower is not quiet due to the water moving around. Some people find the noise to be calming and motivational, but if you are in a noise-sensitive environment, this may not be the best choice for you.

More to Think About

H2O Fitness is a fantastic company that stands behind its product. Not only are there no electrical parts that can break and corrupt, the company offers a lifetime warrantee on the frame. No need to worry about this rower. Once you’ve made the investment, it is guaranteed to stick with you through all your workout needs for life. Customers favor this brand for its durable build and quality. It’s always great to have that peace of mind when making such a large purchase.

So is it for you?

If you want a natural workout experience while having the comfort of staying indoors, consider going with the ProRower. It can accommodate your needs and the needs of others in your household, and it will grow with you as your strength and durability increases. It’s a great choice among other rowers out there. If you choose to purchase it, you will not be disappointed.