ProSource Premium High Density Exercise Yoga Mat

You might be wondering – why would you buy a yoga mat from a supplement company? You go to their webpage and you see men with bulging muscles and not the serene balancing acts you get on most websites. Then again, this is what distinguishes the Premium High Density Exercise Yoga Mat with Comfort Foam and Carrying Straps from the rest. Best known for their body-building supplements since 1996, ProSource offers products that have been research verified to be of high quality for affordable prices. The company goes through extreme lengths to ensure that their products are effective and up to the customers’ ultimate satisfaction. You can be sure that this pad comes from their line of premium grade sports equipment that is superior to any other brands available.

Looking for Something Unique

The company’s dedication to result-oriented research development gives you a mat that is like no other. With its half-inch thick cushion, this is definitely not the typical style you see in your sports equipment aisle. The additional thickness, which makes it more comfortable than the Yoga Accessories 1/4” Mat, may lessen the stability and may bother people who prefer sturdy support. Though it’s not particularly used for traditional yoga, ProSource Premium may be used in other similar activities – general workout and core workout among others. The non-slip feature grips the floor to prevent injuries caused by slipping pads. This is the perfect combination of low-price and high performance that you’ve been looking for. Additionally, its moisture-resistant skin makes it easier to wash than the Jade Harmony Professional. It doesn’t break down if left in the sun, so it’s easy to keep this one clean with a quick scrub and a bit of sun-dry.

You Should Check It Out Because It’s…

  • THICK: The ProSource Technology ensures that the impact-absorption offers paramount comfort. Users have been raving about how the thickness makes it easier for their hurt joints. The padding give great support in yoga practices, workout activities, and acro-yoga with a partner.  It might even serve for a sleeping bag – it’s that comfy.
  • GREAT VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY: You can purchase one online for as low price . Yogis who use double pads just to get the comfort they want may want to purchase this one.
  • BUILT WITH A CARRYING CASE: Chances are you’re a busy individual with lots of things to do. Exercise is not the only thing on your plate on any particular day, which means you might have to bring this with you from one place to another. If you’ve got to go to a couple of places, the carrying case and straps around it makes it a bit easier.
  • EYE-CATCHING BUT NOT OVERWHELMINGLY SO: It comes in a variety of colors that’s not overpowering in brightness. Not all practitioners are hippies or into the aesthetics of nature, after all. So if that isn’t your cup of tea, this might just be for you.

Though You Should Also Consider That It’s…

  • BULKY: Though it is perfectly suitable for outdoor activities, you might reconsider bringing this to your camping and hiking trips. Carrying it for a few blocks to your studio would be fine. At 74 inches long and half-inch thick, trekking uphill with this on your back might cause unnecessary additional burden. However, nothing’s stopping you from doing so if you want to! The cushion will soothe your aching back once you lie down in the camping site. The Manduka PROlite and Jade Harmony Professional are options for to consider if portability is a factor for you.
  • UNSTABLE: The last thing you want while practicing is the sudden halt of your relaxation because your hands and knees are unbalanced. Unfortunately, the foam’s softness might give under your feet, straining your muscles as you hold your poses or transition.
  • NOT ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: If you believe that yoga is also about caring for the Earth, you might want to considerbuying Jade Yoga made purchases instead. ProSource mats are made of foam and manufactured in China. Since there have been complaints of deterioration after a few months, this purchase might end up in the dumping site for several years to come.

Where Can I Buy This

Considered by most users as the “best buy”, this is easily the affordable choice. It gives great comfort, and the carrying straps make it more convenient to bring around. ProSource believes in the power of the individual to make healthy life choices. If what you need is the additional cushion, then buy this one now. If you agree with the company’s ultimate aim to eventually motivate more people to care about their health as well, go ahead and order online, and experience how to train like a professional with ProSource.