ProSource Ultra Deluxe Revolutionary Sports Medicine Roller, Smaller is Better

ProSource Ultra Deluxe Revolutionary Sports Medicine Roller

The ProSource only comes in the smaller size roll, a 13 inch version while the other varieties that come in 24 or 36 inches. It’s a textured roller, which the varying shapes and density provide a massaging effect while being used. It is another lightweight variety, but since it is smaller you’ll find it to be more compact. This makes it the best roller to travel with, if you are on the road a bit. The foam used to make this piece of equipment is a firm material that covers a PVC pipe. Any of the same variety of equipment will provide you with a deep tissue massage, but the firmness of the foam gives you the best of both the high density foam and the PVC hollow core provides you with a stronger lightweight variety.The thing that makes a smaller sized roll beneficial for usage on more muscle clusters in your body than the larger sized rolls, which means you can use it on more of your body. This equipment does not just give a great deep tissue massage for person after a hard workout but it also provides an amazing massage for people who live with every day muscle pain. The size of this roller also allows the user easier storage or to take with you to the gym.

Why Should I Consider the ProSource?

First of all, the versatility that this smaller type offers the user the opportunity to use it wherever it would be needed so you get exactly what your body is asking for. The versatility does not just come with the size, but also comes with the firmness and texture of the foam used to make this. Another way this  brand’s version can be used in different ways is that the textures vary in different sections of this. You can use the different textures on various muscles, to get the perfect massage that you are looking for. This is highly recommended for by trainers and is used in exercise facilities. Some people also mention that this type was useful in helping with their chronic muscle pains, but you should check with your doctor before using this equipment to self-treat yourself.Another positive note is how much it costs. While it’s not the least inexpensive variety of roller out there, you’ll find it to be still much cheaper than other types. This price is probably easier to take in for a beginner just starting out than other brands. You can also order this in a few different color options, which some people prefer having that opportunity to express themselves by the color of the equipment that they use.

A final point is to visit is about the varying textures that you see on this type of product. Some sections contain a rock hard firm material, while other places offer a softer texture. It also has areas of varying depths, which really helps to get right into the muscle structures and really provides that massage you get this equipment for. This goes back to the versatility of this product, which seems to be unmatched by its competition.

Speaking of Competition, How Does This Compare?

In comparison to the Trigger Point Performance The Grid Revolutionary Foam Roller, which is also a textured roller, the ProSource has a more firm foam material that covers the hollowed out center. The variety of textures and depths on it also makes it stand out from this competitor. Then, there you get to the price. The ProSource is half the price of its competition’s version, with double the strength of materials. This means that beginners can pick this one up over its competion, without getting buyer’s remorse in case the product does not pan out as expected by the buyer.

What’s the Catch?

The number one complaint that buyers have for this brand is the PVC piping that creates the hollowed core. While the foam itself is well constructed, the PVC piping is made of poor materials. There are many complaints listed about the piping cracking while in use. This is not a problem that is varied based on weight, but more on time used. This can make you wonder if the lower price hurts the ProSource and makes the Trigger Point a better option, as the center has not been reported as cracking during usage.Another frequent complaint is the smell of the product. Many buyers have mentioned that the smell is so strong, that is it very nauseating to the point of being unusable. The good news here is that the smell does go away after a while. There have also been a few complaints about weight of this equipment. For the length, people expect it to be lighter than other types and easier to travel with. This is untrue, as it does weigh as much as other, larger rollers. The last complaint is more of a buyer error than the product itself. People complained about the size of this product. It should be noted that this product does only come in the 13 inch length, so if you want a bigger one this is not the roller you want.

Is this the Roller for Me?

This piece of equipment can provide you with the best of a few different worlds. First, the firm material used to make this product gives the user the same benefit they would get from the average high density roller. You also get that really deep massage that a person would expect from the textured rollers they purchase. Finally, the buyer gets the benefit of a smaller and lighter weight roller that is easy to store.

With this roller, you get a very versatile piece of equipment that can soothe whatever aches and pains you suffer from. Is your hamstring bothering you? Does your back feel like it has a dozen knots in it? This roller with its smaller size and vary textures, can be perfect for all the pains that might ail a person while allowing usage on the entire body.