Pull up Bars

Pull-Up Workouts 101

Pull-ups are a timeless workout many more people are turning to recently. Fitness enthusiasts everywhere view the ability to do them as a badge of honor and proof of how strong and dedicated you are – for good reason. They are hard! Hands down on the list of hardest exercises. It takes time and a lot of work getting your arm, shoulder and back muscles conditioned enough to be capable of just one, much less several.You can do it too! Your level doesn’t matter, there are workouts out there designed for beginners, intermediates and experienced/advanced people. They go in depth to explain what, how, when and how many specific moves to perform. These work all of the necessary parts and strengthen them, getting you where you would like and possibly even further!Even going so far as to suggest the equipment you may need or want. So, you have no excuse! This will equip one with all the knowledge they need to get into the best shape of their life, regardless of size, shape, age, gender, lifestyle or stage. Dedicate some time, effort and healthy meals and you will see the results of your dreams. Make your goal and go for it!

Build Instead of Buy: Pull-Up Bars

If you find yourself wanting a pull-up rod, but cannot afford one or simply do not wish to spend the money on a manufactured one, why not build it? It’s a cost and time efficient method to improve your fitness, while not breaking the bank! You can save your hard earned cash for more important things.Most, if not all, of the supplies you will need can all be found around your house or at your local junk yard. Don’t be scared to ask them for any spare, “useless” items laying around. You may even luck out and get the extra parts for free!It’s much simpler to make a chin-up bar than many may think! Some claim it to be even easier to build one from scratch than it is to put together a purchased one, as the directions typically coming with products are unclear and undetailed. People find themselves making mistakes on assembly, which causes the item to not work correctly once they have it installed. So, don’t spend dollars on something you could have for nothing! Get creative and make your own, customized piece you’ll be proud of.

What If You Can’t Do a Pull-Up

Many, many people are in a similar boat as you, wanting to do a pull-up, but unable to and unsure of where to start. Fortunately for you, I have the solution. There are so many tips you can utilize to improve your strength and get yourself on the road to achieving this goal!Start with your diet, then on to proper exercises and motivational ideas. This article will go into detail on everything a beginner would need to know. With a little dedication and some creativity you will be on your way in no time at all!So, what are you waiting for? Take a couple minutes to read something that could benefit you for the rest of your life! You may be surprised at just how simple it is to get your dream body and surpass every goal you’ve ever made for yourself (physically). I am here to help and give a guiding hand to those lost in this crazy world of physical fitness and muscle heads! Get a foot in the door and soon you’ll be keeping up with the best of them!

Pull-Ups: Did You Know

A lot of the stuff you may be hearing about pull ups and pull up bars might be untrue! There are numerous myths floating around out there that mislead many into believing false information. As a result, it ends up getting crossed off of their fitness regimens. Don’t let this happen to you!Here we have an article ready for you that will put lots, if not all, of it to rest and leave you to make clear and informed decisions about the things you want to be including into your workouts. In this way, you won’t be missing out on any important benefits.Pull-ups are a great way to build lean muscle, upper body strength and improve your health and ultimately, your life. Include them 2-3 times weekly and you will likely see awesome improvements that you can be proud to show off. Who doesn’t long blow somebody’s mind by doing something amazing or unexpected? Read on and bust every myth!

The Pull-Up War: Men vs. Women

An age old rivalry between the sexes- who is more capable? Well, the answer isn’t so simple. There are several factors to explore before we can come to a scientific conclusion on this matter! We will have to analyze in detail: fibers, distribution and mass of which complicates this dated, tense question of gender and strength/physical fitness.Muscle dispersal is different in men than that of women, same with the ratio of fast to slow twitch fibers and distribution of strength. Of course males are stronger, but did you know women have some advantages on them? Several, in fact. This evens the playing field drastically.In our following article we’ll analyze the leads each gender has on the other, ultimately coming to a conclusion that may surprise you. Read on for more tips, science and research to put this war to rest once and for all. Maybe after this, the guys and gals in the gym will hold more respect for one another, but don’t get me wrong, a little competition is always good for everyone. It makes you push yourself harder-something every individual will most definitely need to do where pull-ups are concerned!

Pull-Ups: You’re Doing it Wrong

Many people are discovering, much to their dismay, that the way in which they are doing their pull-ups is wrong and is actually preventing them from making progress like they should! They’re training themselves incorrectly due to poor instruction and/or lack of experience or research. So, if you’re about to read this article, kudos to you for researching, you’re doing yourself a huge favor. And saving yourself a lot of wasted hours and energy, not to mention sweat and pain.Form is the single most important part of this exercise. Preforming this without having it down and you are wasting your time and hard work. The good news is you can turn this around immediately, incorporating proper forms is a great way to ensure your progress, decrease pain and keep you safe. Besides, you look better preforming things in a correct fashion, no one wants to look like an amateur!Read on to explore how your shoulders, arms and back should be used during reps, as well as, things you shouldn’t be practicing because they might cause injury or simply won’t do anything to propel you towards your goals. Knowledge is power, protect yourself and expand your fitness in the correct ways.