Pull-Up Myths

As pull-up are becoming increasingly popular, so are the myths and misconceptions that go along with them. Many people end up crossing this exercise off of their routine, as a result of being misinformed and thus, they are unnecessarily missing out on some great benefits. The ability to do them is a true definition of one’s strength and ability. Let’s put the myths to rest once and for all.

Pull-Up Myths

Myth: Wide Grip Pull-Ups Will Make Your Back Wider

This is false! Actually, a close grip position is much better at building the width of your back. With a close grip, you are working your latissimus dorsi from the top and bottom, as opposed to a wide grip, which only works this muscle from the top and mostly just places stress onto the top of your back.A wide grip is best for building up pec muscles in the chest.

Myth: You Cannot Build Muscle with Body Weight Exercises

This could be untrue, depending on who you are! A beginner could see great results doing only body weight moves, they will build muscle and trim down. However, they will eventually stop seeing progress as their body adapts. By this time they should be moving to weighted exercises (also known as lifting).Anyone already doing weight lifting will likely not see much progress by switching to strictly body mass exercises as they will be decreasing the weight they are used to lifting.

Myth: Only Chin-Ups Hurt

False. Both pull-ups and chin-up can cause pain. However, pain associated with the latter has been described as more intense. Some cannot handle it. These exercises are very challenging, but also very effective.If you find you are experiencing a lot of pain, you can look into getting a bar with a padded design, such as the ProSource Heavy Duty Easy Gym bar to remedy this. Or you can change your grip to a neutral one, in which your palms are facing each other, many gyms have a rod with this additional option.

Myth: Women Can’t Do Them

Blasphemy! Women can do them, it just takes a little more work on their part. With less of the muscle building hormones men have and with being genetically designed with a weaker upper body, women will find it more difficult than men to do them, but it can be done. Although, a woman may not be able to match the reps a man might be capable of.

Myth: They Will Make a Woman Bulky

No! Women are not designed like men, they do not gain muscle mass to the same extent, as they do not have nearly as much testosterone! No matter how many of these you do, you are never going to look like the men in your local gym. So, stop worrying and get to pulling! These are great for building strength and lean muscle.If you’re a woman and want to build muscle to a greater extent, check out protein supplements, step up the weights and get your diet into check. It takes a lot of hard work, but it can be done.

Myth: Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups are the Same Thing

No, they’re not. The hand positions are different, they work different muscles and the intensity differs. With the first, your hands will be pointed away from you, it will work primarily your back and these are also the harder of the two. With the latter your hands will be facing you during the workout, it works your biceps most intensely and they are easier.

Don’t Be Mislead

All in all, there are always numerous myths to go with every exercise, but the majority of the time a little research will set the record straight and put your mind at ease. Always remember to not assume and to instead find facts to back up or put down anything you hear that you might find yourself questioning.Too many people allow these misguided assumptions to influence their fitness regimens by crossing out or adding things that they shouldn’t be. Knowledge is power even in the fitness world! Know the facts, know your body. Only then can you have the body and healthy life you most definitely deserve after all of your hard work!

Now that you’re equipped with all the necessary information to knock out some more reps without holding yourself back, you might also need a good doorway pull-up bar to work with, there are lots of buying guides out there if you need some assistance! Good luck.