Recumbent Bike – A Couch Potatoes Dream Exercise Equipment

We all have our lazy days. However, some of us have more of those days than others – a lot more. Whether you are just getting back into shape again (or for the first time) or you work in front of a computer all day, a recumbent bicycle is the best option for a relaxing and not too strenuous exercise.  It looks like you truly can have your cake and eat it too!

Recumbent Bike – A Couch Potatoes Dream Exercise Equipment


One great and super convenient feature to this stationary bike is that it was specifically designed for the rider to be completely hands-free if they so choose.  This means that you have the freedom to do whatever you wish to do with your hands while exercising. You do not have to be bothered with those pesky and annoying handlebars! If you want to play video games using two hands on a controller while getting a heart-pumping cardiovascular workout, then a recumbent is perfect for you.

How is that possible? The design is the key. Most exercise equipment requires you to hold on to something while you exercise. This is for balancing reasons. Whether it’s handlebars or side rails. However, a recumbent (“bent” for short) does not need anything to help you balance. It is low to the ground making your center of gravity lower – which helps stability. Also, the shape of seat helps as well.There are grips on bents that are placed down at your sides, but they are there when you want your heart rate to be read not for balancing.

Comfortable Design

You might even forget that you even are exercising when riding a bent because it is very comfortable. Just think of it as a reclining piece of comfy furniture with pedals. All you have to do is sit back, relax and pedal. Here are some features that make a recumbent so comfortable.

  • The seat is a large, bucket seat. Most describe themselves as sitting in a reclining lawn chair. It is not narrow and awkward like a traditional bicycle saddle-like seat.
  • Most chairs have extra padding on it’s seating as well like the Schwinn 270 which has a ventilated and mesh design too.
  • The pedals are in front of you as opposed to below you. You do not have to strain your back or neck while exercising.


Another great aspect to a bent is that it is quiet while in use. Typically, cardio exercise equipment, such as treadmills, can make a lot of noise. This is usually fine while in a gym, but not at home. It can disturb others in the house, or worse- the television. One of the top compliments of a bent is that it is quiet enough to watch television without turning the volume very high, which will also disturb other members of the household. Also, when you just exercise on the manual setting, then there shouldn’t be any extra and unnecessary beeps and noises coming from the machine. You can exercise in peace.

A Couch Potatoes’ Workout Routine

If you are not a fitness nut and exercise is not motivation enough in itself, do not worry there are plenty of ways that can help even the laziest of people get back in the swing of things.  Yes, there are several models that come with programs and routines that are useful, but check out the following ideas to consider for inspiration.

30 Minute TV Routine: Instead of sitting on your couch while you watch your favorite television show, why not sit and workout on a recumbent? Pedal with good speed during the actual program and slow down for breaks during commercials. You could do this for a thirty minute show or even and hour long one.

Chapter by Chapter: If you call yourself a bookworm, you could incorporate the book you are currently reading into your routine. Since you are hands-free, reading is very easy to do on this type of machine. Challenge yourself by pedaling throughout an entire chapter or more depending on how fast you read and take small breaks in between. Magazines work just as well too!

Virtually: Your character in the video game you play runs around all of the time. Why not you too! You will completely forget you have been exercising while playing intently to defeat the boss and get to the next level. The more levels you gain, the more weight you will lose!

No Excuses

Couch Potatoes have no excuses not to workout anymore due to the stationary recumbent bike. It can be incorporated in a lot of daily activities- especially the ones that typically are inactive like watching TV.  The product is especially designed to resemble and feel as if it’s a recliner or lawn chair with added padding of course. Plus, this machine is quiet enough to enjoy watching your favorite show or book or video game. It will not bother others in the house as well.