Recumbent Bike

Recumbent Routines

Despite it’s reclined look, you can get a heart-pumping cardio workout on a recumbent bicycle. In fact, the shape and design of this exercise machine specifically targets and tones those extremely hard to reach muscle groups such as the thighs and abdominals and gluteus maximus. The most effective weight loss method on a bent is high intensity interval training otherwise known as HIIT. To really burn fat and tone muscle, then you take periods of short bursts of high intensity to be followed by periods of steady and stable pace. This helps keep your heart rate up which is imperative for weight-loss.However, high intensity interval training can be taxing on the body if performed everyday. In order of not becoming burnt out, you should alternate between HIIT and long distance duration workouts.

Lastly, it is extremely important to take five minutes before you begin to proper warm up and stretches. You do not need to test yourself in the warm-up. Cooling down is vital too. Spend another five minutes after you’ve finished to calm and slow down your heart rate. Most importantly, always remember to consistently drink water and hydrate yourself before, during, and after exercising daily.

Comparing Upright and Recumbent Bikes

Although they are both stationary bicycles, an upright and a recumbent bike are very different fitness machines. They each have unique and distinct designs. The upright is noticeably and similarly designed to resemble the traditional outdoor bicycle. It has the narrow and saddle like seating and handlebars in front of you. The pedals are, also, below you as opposed to a recumbent bike. The pedals are in front of you as you are seated in a large and reclined chair with the handlebars at your side.

It has been tested that exercising on either machine exudes an equal amount of energy therefore burning the same amount of calories.  However, each style does target different muscles more than the other style.  If you are looking to strengthen your core, then the upright bicycle is right for you. The recumbent cycle targets the lower body such as thighs and hips more so.

Secondary details can be just as impactful on your decision making process. For example, the price is typically lower when it comes to uprights. The space available in your home or apartment is also an important factor. Bents can run big and bulky whereas uprights are sleeker.  However, sleeker means less stability. Bents are easier to balance on while exercising. After weighing all the pros and cons, you should be able to make your decision.

The Popular Recumbent Bike

Why are stationary recumbent bikes so popular these days? If you look online, there are more and more models available to buy on the market than ever before. Recumbent bikes, or “bents” for short, offer a lot of advantages to your daily workout routine. They are great machines to get an intense and satisfying cardiovascular workout, but what makes them most popular is it comfort ability.

Recumbents look like a comfy piece of furniture with pedals and they feel like a recliner too. That is due to the large bucket-like seating as opposed to the saddle seats of an upright stationary bike. Therefore, you do not have bend and hunch your back as you ride. Plus, the handlebars are placed where your arms naturally fall – at your sides. There is no stress on your wrists and arms.  This gives you the ability to use your arms for other things such as lifting small dumbbells or reading a book as you exercise.Recumbents are popular for people of all fitness levels. The low-impact design makes a bent perfect for those with back and joint issues. The adjustable resistance levels and pre-programmed workouts will attract both beginners and fitness nuts alike!

Multitasking on a Recumbent Bike

A stationary recumbent bicycle exercise machine is the perfect piece of equipment to have at home for multitasking purposes. With a bent, you can be productive and still get in a great workout. How? The design of the machine allows you to exercise hands-free.You still maintain your balance thanks to the large and reclined seating. Therefore, it is not needed to hold onto a pair of handlebars like upright bikes.

With your hands being free, you have several options on what to do with them. First, you can choose to hold on to the grips placed at your sides in order to read your heart rate; or you can get an even better workout by adding some dumbbells. Adding dumbbells will strengthen your arms and shoulders by doing bicep curls or shoulder presses.

Some people are attracted to the idea that they can comfortably watch their favorite television shows or catch up on a bit of light reading during exercise. Others who are usually very busy love the fact that they can still get some work done if need be. Recumbents gives you the freedom to do whatever you’d like with your hands and arms during your daily routine.

Exercise Bike for the Laziest of People

A recumbent bike is designed for even the laziest of people to get a quality cardiovascular workout in. It has several features that are attractive to the average couch potato. Firstly, the seat is very similar to a recliner that someone would watch television in. It is not uncomfortable like the saddle-like seating of a traditional or spinning bike. Plus, the seat has extra padding leaving your hind side happy during and after your workout.

A recumbent bicycle is a very quiet machine unlike most cardio equipment like treadmills. Therefore, you can watch your favorite television shows and catch up on your soaps without having to blast the volume. You and whomever you live with will be much happier. The hands free aspect will allow the book lovers and video gamers the freedom from handlebars. It is possible to pedal without having to balance by holding on to something.For motivation, turn your everyday activities into a productive workout.  Ride while watching television and get a thirty-minute workout. Take breaks during the commercials.  While reading a book or magazine, you should pedal until the next chapter. Perhaps conquer a workout as you conquer a city or level on your video game.

A Bent for Your Joints

A recumbent bicycle is the solution to all of your joint problems when it comes to exercise. People who suffer from joint and back issues such as arthritis cannot simply run on a treadmill or ride an upright stationary bike. It adds too much stress to the joints making exercise painful. The same goes for anyone who is in physical therapy for an injury or a surgery. Also, many people wish to cycle for fitness but find an upright bike too uncomfortable.

A recumbent bike has a solution for all of those needs. The placement of the pedal up front helps alleviate stress and tension on joints especially the knees.  The grip placement, also, reduces weight and stress on the hands and wrists. The chair is large and reclined, which greatly supports the back and neck. Finally, the height being closer to the ground helps stability as well as ease of mounting and dismounting.It seems ironic but the more you use your joints, the better they feel when it comes to arthritis. However, you have to use them carefully or else damage can occur. A recumbent bike is a safe and effective exercise machine for your joints and back.