Why Are Recumbent Bikes Popular

There are so many exercise bikes available in today’s market. There are spinning bikes, stationary bikes, dual action bikes, as well as upright bikes.  However, the newest craze in the world of stationary exercise bicycles is recumbent bikes. Still not as known as the other stationary types, the recumbent bike is becoming more and more popular everyday. Below are a few topics as to why many people are buying this type of stationary cycle.

Why Are Recumbent Bikes Popular

What is a Recumbent

Recumbent bikes are the fitness bikes with the distinctive comfortable bucket-like seats. Larger and more supportive than an upright or spinning bike, a recumbent stationary bike lets you to sit back lower to the ground in a reclining position while you are pedaling.These exercise machines are simple enough for even the utmost and elementary beginners. Plus, they typically come with convenient and helpful pre-programmed workout programs and other features such as resistance levels to keep your daily routine from becoming too monotonous.


One main aspect as to why recumbents, or “bents” for short, are so popular and why people are buying them is because they are very comfortable. It’s ergonomically comfortable seating has been often described by many as comparable to sitting in a piece of comfy furniture.  This means that you would have less aches and pains in your lower-body and butt area, which would entail a more comfortable workout. Here are some other benefits to a bent’s comfortable design:

  • Riding in a more natural and reclined situation is much better because you do not need to bend and strain your head or your back to reach for handlebars in the front.
  • There is no weight that could cause stress on the wrists and arms while you are leaned back along with the arms hanging naturally at your side.
  •  Cycling in a more normal position of body alignment will in fact decrease fatigue making you even more motivated to workout more and for longer periods of time.

Compatible for All Fitness Levels

Everyone and anyone can get a satisfying workout from this machine.  It is so easy to use and you can simply adjust the setting to your preferences. Just adjust the resistance level higher or lower as desired. From beginner to advance, there are definitely programs designed for all levels.

Athletes will find the recumbent exercise bike to be a sufficient with interval and mountain programs like on the Schwinn 270 along with a high resistance level. People wanting a low-impact and easy workout can manually set their likings.


By Far, one of the main points as to why stationary recumbents are very popular today is that they are very safe when it comes to exercise equipment. In fact, most rehabilitation facilities as well as physical therapist will use and recommend bents for their patients. This cycle is absolutely perfect for people who have joint problems or back pain or just cannot exercise as vigorously anymore.

Low-Impact: This is especially important for those who have aches and pains in their joints or have arthritis. Most cycles will give you a low-impact workout, however recumbent bicycles alleviate a large amount of uncomfortable and unnecessary stress on your joints. The large and full seat supports your upper and lower back, and the distinct design protects your ankles and knees by making it nearly impossible to stand up.

Posture: The relaxed, reclined and large bucket seating forces the rider to sit up nice and up right. This straightens your spine and back muscles, so there is no awkward hunching over and bending of the back. The handlebars are not in front of you like they are on an upright, so no neck or back muscles are strained to lean forward to reach them.

Stability: These machines can weight a hefty sum, but this is a good thing allowing you to stay balanced as you exercise safely and sturdy. Also, you will be riding very low to the ground making your body’s center of gravity lower than that of a spinning cycle, which gives even more stability in your daily workout.

Jump on the Band Wagon

Recumbent bikes can offer you a fat burning cardiovascular training with plenty of resistance to benefit you in shaping extensive and lean muscles. Also, it has that title of being one of the limited cardio workouts that allows no stress on your knees and other joints.The best part is that you do not have to hold on to the handlebars, which make you hands-free. This means you can use your hands for several other reasons. You can take advantage and improve your workouts by adding hand weights as you pedal. Grab some dumbbells of your weight choice and do some shoulder presses or bicep curls while you cycle.  Or, grab a magazine or your favorite book to catch up on too!