Hiking is a very good outdoor activity for groups. It gives you enough opportunities to burn calories, challenge yourself and bond with people and nature. Look up for the best trails near you and pick a difficulty level that suits you and head out into the woods. Several hiking trails have a history associated with them that will appease the historian in you or offer great views as a perk for pursuing the hike. Hiking test your fitness as it require stamina and good reflexes. Be sure to prepare for a hike in advance by packing all the items you may need during the hike including the best hiking boots, food, drinks and emergency medical supplies.

It’s easy to go outdoors when the weather is good but what can one do when its winter time? If you are used to running outdoors you may have to run on a treadmill but you can also take up outdoor winter activities and brave the cold. Skiing is one such winter activity to consider. Skiing is not only a professional sport but is also one of the most popular winter adventures. You can plan a ski trip or make a vacation around your skiing plans. Be sure to pack your ski goggles. Our ski googles reviews here will help you pick the best ski goggles.

While running is a good exercise it is not for everyone as it can have adverse effect on your joints. A good alternative to treadmills are elliptical machine. They significantly reduce the impact on your joints while providing an equally challenging workout routine. Elliptical machine should be part of almost every workout routine as it is one of the top ways to include cardio. We have featured some of the top elliptical machines with reviews for your buying consideration. One should aim to get a cardio work out 2- 3 times a week to stay lean and be fit.

If you are looking to add some bulk in the form of muscles to aid your active lifestyle, weight gainers is something to consider. Like losing weight, gaining weight and especially the type of bulk you desire can be challenging and time consuming. Weight gainers are supplements that help you get the right type of nutrition to complement your diet and help you gain weight. For example you may want to consider proteins shakes as they aid in building muscles. There are several options in the market for weight gainers so choose the best weight gainer for your needs reading some reviews.

If there has ever been a natural form of exercising, it is running. It helps in building endurance, burns calories and is a great cardio workout. When possible one should run outside but running in the open is not always possible or feasible and may not be the best option. Enter treadmills. A popular choice for running can be a better and safer option for running. When we were reviewing treadmills to showcase the best treadmill, we found a wide range of options. You can get some in the low hundreds up to a couple of thousands.  Running can cause a negative impact on joints so be careful not to overdo it and take all safety measures.

There are numerous benefits of doing yoga – if there is one form of physical activity that nourishes your mind body and soul it has to be Yoga. Yoga is one of the most ancient form of physical activity that was practised in India before it was adopted by the western world. Once you start doing yoga, you will start noticing the benefits it provides – people have experienced higher energy levels, better concentration, increase in motivation, health benefits and more. Yoga mats provide a good cushion to your body when performing these exercises. Checkout our reviews for yoga mats to pick the best yoga mat for your yoga.


Mixing With Nature While Camping

camping tent, fishing kayak and sleeping bags

Camping is definitely one of the top best outdoor experience you can experience in either a small or large group. Many families use camping to bond together. Camping takes you outdoors, helps you disconnect from the rest of the world and helpds you create deeper bonds with people who are there with you to share tghe same experince. It is also a good way to build some survival skills. It is important to pack the right camping gear for safe and comfortable trip while you have fun outdoors. We recommend these camping tents based on camping tent reviews we did to select the best camping tent.

If you a person who camps overnight, the you understand the importance of having quality sleeping bags. There are several options available and you when selecting one you should be mindful of the purpose of the sleeping bag, how often are you going to use it? Will you be carrying it for long distances? Will you be using is primarily in cold or warm weather conditions? With sleeping bags, one size does not fit all, so if you are a tall person, be sure to go for the taller versions of the design you like. Sleeping bags can make a world of difference to your camping experience and can also come in handy if you have guests over :).

Kayaking is a fun way to get outdoors alone or with a group of friends and family. Every summer I like to go kayaking at least once, it is a break from all the other form activities, it peaceful, its relaxing and if you want you can burn calories while kayaking. If you kayak with any regularity, kayak rentals can add up so it is often  better to buy your own kayak instead of renting every time. While kayaks can be an investment, the main issue however with buying a kayaks is not cost its space. The solution is inflatable kayak, when done using them, you can deflate them and store them away. In our reviews of these fishing kayaks we have identified some some good inflatable options for you.

Tennis is a great outdoor sport for people who want to stay fit. It helps you work out and have fun at the same time. Even if you are not a regular tennis player, incorporating tennis as part of your active lifestyle will help you tremendously in building stamina, lowering body fat, improving muscles flexibility and strength. Leisure sporting activities like tennis also help in reducing stress and increasing mental alertness. For people who live in areas with cold winters, tennis can be a good summer sport to pursue instead of gym or indoor exercising as these can be done with relative ease during winter. Check out our reviews for tennis rackets to get the best tennis equipment and up your game.