How to Save Money While Living a Healthy Lifestyle

It seems everyone’s resolution come the New Year is to become healthier and happier through the adoption of a lifestyle that contributes to wellness.  All too frequently, however, unexpected expenses inflating prices prevent one from remaining fit for life.  Below are some tips that can make money less of an issue.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Ditch the Machines

While our world focuses primarily on letting people exercise wherever, whenever, there is a surprising number of individuals who have never set foot within a gym.  These populations are usually unable to afford a gym or, in the case of ancient civilizations, able to work their bodies without the aid of expensive, cumbersome machinery.I’m not saying to get rid of all equipment.  In fact, the simple addition of weight is enough to transform the everyday routine into something extraordinary.  I’m talking about the things you can hold, can take places, and don’t have to plug into the wall.

Yes, I’m talking about weights.Dumbbells and their new counterparts, resistance bands or resistance loops, are elements of exercise technology we often take for granted.  As you probably know, dumbbells are available in a massive range of weights and sizes, as well as molds designed to keep your palms from chaffing.  Low in cost, they are the ideal addition to your healthy life.Resistance bands are also a prime choice, as they are not as capable of causing the joint strain seen in those who often participate in traditional weightlifting.  More portable than dumbbells given their minimal poundage, these elastic beauties can be carried with ease to the gym, to the park, or on the plane.  Some varieties, like this set by Bodylastics, even come with their own carrying case.  Due to the tremendous amount of options available, however, it would be wise to look at resistance band reviews in order to find what the best is for you.

Grow Your Own

The old saying goes, “You cannot outrun a bad diet.”  Nothing could be truer.  While a healthy lifestyle is often defined by Americans as one with plenty of exercise, many neglect to recognize a nutritious diet comprises over two-thirds of the factors that determine one’s weight.Okay, so you know it is not possible to exercise away your excess pounds.  But why do the fresh fruits and vegetables you see in supermarkets and grocery stores have to be so expensive?  The price of grown goods can come as an ironic and unpleasant shock, as the foods in the produce section go through nearly no processing, as opposed to their boxed brethren.Buying and planting seeds, on the other hand, is far less expensive way to feed yourself, as well as your family, in a manner that is healthful and delicious.  For example, in the spring, I bought a package of green bean seeds for my garden for a little under two dollars.  My property is not large, so I only had enough room to plant half of the pack.  With sprouting season now in full swing, I have collected over two pounds of green beans!  A supermarket pound, which can cost as much as my seeds, couldn’t beat that for the world.If you’re willing to dig in the dirt, a little weekend labor can go a long way.

Seek the Sales

I’ve already told you to ditch the machines and stay away from the outlets, however other sports equipment; like shoes, socks, and even the dumbbells I mentioned earlier, can come at a price.  If you like to run, a pair of shoes could easily cost you over one hundred dollars.Thankfully, stores and yards have one thing in common: sales.  I know you wouldn’t want to buy a pair of running shoes used, especially from something as potentially-questionable as a yard sale.  They would probably be worn beyond use, to begin with.  Department stores, on the other hand, typically have massive “blowout” sales after Christmas, as well as after Independence Day.  At one of those, you can find your shoes at up to seventy percent off its original price.You equipment, like your dumbbells and your resistance bands, is an entirely different story.  Both items are simple finds at yard sales, typically going for pennies on the dollar.  When I was out and about, I found the set of dumbbells I still use today for around five bucks.While sales may be wonderful for the healthy liver on a budget, it is important you make sure everything you are buying is of its promised quality.Well, there you are, evidence a healthy lifestyle does not have to cost an arm and a leg.  The idea becomes obsolete, when one considers these options.  Depending on where you live, you might have to adapt your methods ever-so-slightly in order to achieve attainable, measurable results.  Good wishes in your endeavors!