Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine – A fantastic bargain priced option

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine

Many times when shopping for new equipment to boost our fitness regimes, we hear the old saying about getting what you pay for. And, while this is usually a very apt statement, The 430 model manufactured by Schwinn is certainly proving this adage to be false. Let’s explore the ups and downs of this elliptical machine and see why it just might surprise you by being your next workout purchase.

The perks of the Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine

This unit is comparatively a low cost machine. This may seem like too little to pay for something you want to make use of every day; however it really stands up to some of the higher priced choices. It has a front drive placement for the flywheel and a super smooth and quiet ride, which is definitely important in an elliptical machine. It also has a lot of the little perks that are usually something we can only find on the higher end models. It comes with built in speakers, and an adjustable fan. This unit has the added feature of a USB port as well, so that you can charge your electronics while listening to you music during your workout.The 430 also has a good amount of resistance levels to choose from at 20 options and it has a 20 inch stride, so it is appropriately sized for the majority of users out there. Additionally, it can safely hold up to 300 lbs, which makes it a little better in this aspect than many other models, even at a higher price point. Plus, it not only has a ledge for your tablet or other e-reader, it has 2 LCD screens to make it easier to track every aspect of your performance.

What don’t we like?

There are some features of the Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine that could use a boost, however. The machine is very high off the ground so it can be a problem for very tall users in a low ceilinged home. This can also be a problem for people with mobility issues that are trying to have a slow gentle workout. Another issue is that the stride is not adjustable at all. It doesn’t start out at a difficult stride length to get used to, and it still fits most users, but it would be nice to have this feature.

The only other issue that anyone really seems to find with this piece of equipment is that it’s extremely bulky once assembled, has a large footprint, and is very heavy. You definitely want to place it where you want to keep it. But, this does make it nice for larger people to feel more comfortable on.The fan, while present, is not as adjustable as it could be. It’s not really something that works well for someone who is extremely tall; however, again this is not really a deal breaker for most people.

What else is there to know?

The Schwinn 430 is sturdy and well made and it assembles in a pretty quick fashion; it takes about 1-2 hours on the average. Once assembled it weighs about 226 lbs so it is certainly no lightweight, but it can hold a user up to 300 lbs. This is an especially nice feature on a less expensive machine. It measures 70x28x71 inches making it a fairly large machine. Schwinn, of course, has been around for a very long time and they do provide a pretty decent warranty for this model. There is a 10 year warranty on the frame, 2 years on the mechanical works, 1 year on the electrical, and 90 days on labor. This particular model is made in an overall sturdy fashion, but there are a few more parts made of plastic then we would like to see.Not only does this low cost elliptical have 20 levels of resistance to choose from, it has 20 preset programs to add to that. It also has a 10 degree ramp with 6 different positions to choose from to get an even more thorough workout. In addition of course, it still has not only a set of handlebars to give you a total cardio workout, but also a set of stationary handles to measure your heart rate during your fitness regime.

The decision

This is a wonderful piece of workout equipment for such a small price tag. There are a few little downsides, but honestly for the price, this machine just cannot be beat. While the stride is not adjustable, as mentioned above, a 20 inch stride is very appropriate for a wide range of people. All of this having been said, the Schwinn 430 is going to give you a lot of bang for a small amount of money, and it should give you many years of smooth, quiet workouts.