Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid – Float on a Cloud, Fatten Your Wallet


Schwinn, a premier manufacturer of bicycles and other sporting equipment, introduces a bicycle that invites riders to “discover” more than ever before.Designed with city travel at its forefront, the Discover Men’s Hybrid is still more than the typical metropolitan bike.  Its padded seat stable suspension, along with its rear-wheel rack, make for an event-filled day about town, all while economizing on both money and emissions.Originating from the maker of some of the best-loved cycles of the century, as well as sporting a versatile design that is perfect for the “big and tall” guy, the invention sells itself as a quality investment for anyone who wants to experience a city while on wheels and keep the environment clean.

Take a “Brake” in Comfort

While one can see the bicycle is modeled for comfort, one of its many hidden benefits are its brakes.Engineered with Promax alloy, its brakes are the model for easy, quick stopping for vehicles, animals, and pedestrians; all of which, non-coincidentally, reside in urban environments.  The brakes are also a plus for riders who do not like the “jolt” that other cycles tend to execute upon stopping, making it great for those who are less than enthused about being bobbled around like a car dashboard figurine. The Schwinn is a modern cycle, if you prefer a classic option, look at the Critical Cycle we have featured.

With regards to comfort, one customer raves that it is perfect for his grandfather, saying that it is ideal for “rides on the street with the grandkids and for running errands locally.”  There is also a man who, at over two-hundred pounds, says the merchandise perfectly complements his move to a more “bike-friendly” neighborhood.  A third buyer, a man from Canada, states the wheels are great for himself and his family, and they are “all riding in perfect comfort.”  The item, nonetheless, exceeds expectations in males tall and short.In all, Schwinn out-does itself once again in its commitment to customer satisfaction, as well as to the structural integrity of its bikes.  Reviews of hybrid bikes, in their entirety, can sum the creation up in one word: solid.

Assemble with Ease, Ride Forever

Too often, customers complain their products are hard to assemble, and they had to pay even more money to have a professional do the work for them.With Schwinn, no complaint could be any more false.  According to feedback, the machine is more than easy to assemble.  One customer, who claimed to have been new to biking, said that he assembled it in “just under an hour.”  Another individual, although expressing the instructions were a “bit fuzzy,” still found it “fairly easy to put together.”  To display a different situation, a buyer who was not able to assemble the product was aided by his son, the project being finished, still, in less than the normal duration.Another “plus” regarding the item is its dependability, one review boasting it has lasted over two-thousand miles without any damage.  Another rider, who claimed to have had to replace the pedals twice, conceded that he did “tend to ride a bit hard,” and that the stress he applied to the pedals was far greater than most.

Yet another, a husband and father of three, said that he had gone on to buy four other, similar models, for the rest of his family.As far as criticism goes, the primary complaint is the cycle is difficult to maintain for someone who is inexperienced in keeping bikes up and running.  One customer, on the low end of the bell curve, said that he “ended up spending another couple hundred for a more reliable bike.”  On the other hand, a competitive rider reviewed the device has lasted him over two years with just “the required maintainence.”  Another, who rests somewhere in-between the two, concedes that the mechanism, while needing “more than the occasional adjustment,” rides better than any other cycle he has owned.To make complicated basic, the hybrid works well with those who are more experienced in the biking world.  For beginners, however, there always has to be a starting point.

A Smart Buy

If you are looking for something that will satisfy your need for fitness and speed, look no further than Schwinn’s interpretation of hybrid engineering.  For less than the price of a normal large men’s bike, you can gain comfort, muscle, and experience with the art of bicycle riding.The product, which is available on Amazon with free shipping, serves as a nice trial bike for both beginners and fitness-lovers who are yearning for something new.  With its ratings and potential for a lifetime of use, who would not want this product?If you find that it is not right for you, you can always return it at no charge.  Didn’t save the receipt?  It makes a wonderful gift for the tall, male cyclist in your life.