Schwinn Women’s GTX-1 Sport Hybrid – A Mighty Miniature


Its brand appearing twice on the list, the Schwinn Women’s GTX-1 Dual Sport Bicycle is guaranteed to be a smart purchase for riders who live on the trail.Equipped with an adjustable seat, there rests no need to worry about sizes that, from product to product, have the capacity to vary exponentially.  Its suspension fork and cushioned saddle, too, allow for stability when rolling along bumpy paths.A choice for customers who want to get into shape while also getting around, this bicycle is a hybrid that all ladies are certain to appreciate.

Multi-Adjustment, Multi-Purpose

When attempting to order the product online, one will encounter a feature that is not at all commonplace in the world of hybrid bikes: there are not choices as to size.While, upon first glance, it might seem that Schwinn has inducted a boycott against customers who do not fit their model, such a counterproductive decision is definitely not the case.  The situation is, actually, very much the opposite: the saddle, which is cushioned for extra support, is able to be adjusted so as to suit the needs of riders tall and short.  For instance, a rider who stands five-foot two was able to declare proudly that she “fits comfortably on this bike.”  A second, who is five-foot six, says that she would “not recommend it to anyone below that [her] height.”  Although the feedback seems to contrast, it is evident that the cycle may not be packaged with the same settings.Its speeds are also able to range from tortoise to hare, through the installment of Shimano’s twenty-one speed gear.  Powered by the hand, the contraption is able to facilitate your trip through a crowded road or a steep incline, whatever your terrain may be.

The variation in speed, paired with the cycle’s compact frame, makes it perfect for both athletic and in-town travel.  One customer, who had settled for a men’s variety before her purchase, said that the device was a prime choice for “anyone who does not want to struggle with a mountain bike on city streets.”  Another user, who claims to only take to her wheels for leisure, raves “for general purpose riding, it’s outstanding.”  A third, who bought it for his wife, says, in turn with not allowing him to return it due to minor, repairable faults, “she loves it.”As it stands, the product appears to suit riders who are not looking for serious athletic training, as well as shorter women who are searching for something to ride about town. This would be something to take on a vacation so you can get around.

Runs Big, Feels Tiny

The hybrid is manufactured for women and, as a result, is not as large as some men’s varieties that are reviewed as “running big.” If you want a ligher weight option, look at Takara Sugiyama. The overall comment is the device, without adjustment, is better for ladies who are slightly taller than the established average.Smaller females, for instance, say the device is “so light and easy to ride” they do not bother returning it for something that is more suited to their height.  Taller ladies find it perfect, claiming the fact it runs big is a “plus” in the realm of women’s cycles.In addition to versatile size, there is also tell of the hybrid’s being easy to assemble.  So easy, in fact, most riders have no need for help other than the instructions within the included manual, as well as the tools and parts that came with the machine.  As it seems, the bike proves satisfactory even for those who have never before assembled such an item.Price and warranty ratings are also positive, the majority of users being more than impressed with the “bang” they have earned for their buck. A user, who said she was looking for an all-purpose bicycle for riding around her neighborhood, claimed the invention was a “great bike for the money.”  A second user, who acknowledged the invention’s light, aluminum frame and shock-absorbing capabilities, said the item was “very inexpensive” for its quality.

For Tiny Trailblazers

This bike, although a smart purchase, is best for smaller women who have a love of the path.  Intended for sport, it is built to endure rocks, mud, and uneven terrain.  While it is not a poor choice for the city, it performs at its optimum level when used on uncharted ground.It is available online for less than its list price, which can save you a pretty penny when all factors are taken into consideration.  However, you should make sure that, upon delivery, your order has indeed been transported with care.  Backed by an unbeatable warranty, though, your worries can be more or less demurred.