One of the Best Choices – Scott Sports 87 OTG Goggles

Scott Sports 87 OTG Goggles

If you wear prescription glasses to correct your vision, it can many times become more difficult to get involved in certain pastimes. Winter sports, like skiing, snowboarding, or even just riding a snowmobile can seem like a daunting task. If nothing else, trying to find the proper gear to accommodate your glasses isn’t always a pleasant experience. But, the Scott Sports 87 OTG ski goggles have arrived to make this so much easier for you. We will examine them a little bit closer and show you why they are easily one the best purchases you can make for your equipment closet.

What are some of the good sides?

Almost every person that spoke about this pair of goggles has great reviews for them. The amount of comfort that they offer, even over your everyday glasses is phenomenal. This is not only made possible because of the more customized tailoring of the frames and lenses to be worn as such, it is also assisted by the super comfortable multi layer foam that is extra soft and hypoallergenic. The face foam in conjunction with wide adjustable band help keep them from slipping around and keeps them well centered on your face and over your glasses.Another stand out feature for this option is the fantastic anti fogging capabilities they offer.  This set of eye protection was engineered with a special anti fog coating to help keep your vision nice and clear no matter what the weather has in store for you. As far as over the glasses goggles go, this model performed much better than even the Bolle Y6, as well as keeping with a lower price tag than you may expect.

What are the disadvantages?

The Scott Sports 87 OTG goggles are great for fitting over your prescription eyewear; however a small number of people said that they did experience a slight pinching on the bridge of their nose. This is not a very highly reported issue, and it’s most likely going to come down to finding a proper fit for your face shape, no matter what equipment you decide to go with.The only other problem with this pair is that they are somewhat more limited than many more expensive brands. They come with one lens option in clear. But, they are compatible with the 80 series lenses and tear off compatible lenses, so this isn’t likely to be a very major issue.

Let’s take a deeper look

Scott Sports is a formidable competitor in the winter weather gear market. They have been around for almost 6 decades and are still going strong. They have also been at the fore front of so many of the revolutionary developments that athletes still make use of today like the foam ventilation in ski goggles. Scott was one of the first to start using this in their designs. This all leads to the ability to put more trust in this company and their products, like the 87 OTG.They are made with a quality silicone lined adjustable strap to make it easier for them to fit many different people and to provide less slipping. They also have an excellent ultra soft, multi layer foam to assist with comfort and offer a nice snug fit, even over your daily glasses. This pair comes with a white, black or carbon colored frame, providing a simple classic look for your gear. Also, while they are sold with a clear lens as standard which is perfect for low light or moon light conditions, they are capable of using many other lens types, including tear away lenses and the 80 series, so you can get whatever you really need from these and still be able to see where you are going. The 87 model has a wide lens and a really good peripheral view, as well.

Were these worth the time?

The Scott Sports 87 OTG goggles may actually be the best buy for your money. This is particularly the case if you wear prescription eyewear as well. While some people stated that they worked well even for people without glasses, they are specifically designed for those that wear them. They are priced well within even the tightest budget and still have a lot to offer as far as features. Not only do they offer a supreme amount of comfort for all day trips, they stack up well against other variations as far as construction and visibility options. Very few people found anything bad to say about this pair and they seem to be well suited to almost all athletes, whether you are just getting started or you have been hitting the powder for years. You will certainly love these and get many seasons of use from them.