Shandali Hot Yoga Towel

With its commitment to providing each client with the highest standard of customer service, Shandala, which is exclusive to, gives you the GOSWEAT for Hot Yoga. The company is based from the world’s premier yoga destination in Bali. Their GOSWEAT is perfect for yogis who just use the free mats offered by gyms and then buy towels for hygienic purposes. Even if you have your own pad, this helps absorb the sweat and keep your hands and feet in place.

Why Use A Towel At All

Mats are good and effective alone, but sometimes there’s just too much perspiring going on for you to be able to focus on your practice. This is why special cloths are put on top of the mats, and they are usually the same size. The ones you use for yoga are not the same as any other type you have. For one, you can’t use the cloth that you use for bathing. Though using the same product for different activities might save you some money, the workout towel is much more absorbent and will do a better job of keeping your body in place while exercising. It’s practical to add to your collection of exercise equipment since you’ll tend to make use of it the most, so it’s helpful to keep a few handy. 

How Is It Different

Unlike the Yogitoes Skidless Premium and many others, there is no need to dampen this before using (yet some users still do) to prevent you from slipping. The GOSWEAT doesn’t drench up because dries quickly after soaking the sweat. It is made of impressive quality fabric (80% polyester and 20% nylon), although Lululemon’s The Towel is made of 100% polyester. As an added guarantee, if you’re not satisfied about their product, you can return it in 30 days with no questions asked. With all its five-star reviews however, it seems costumers don’t want to return their purchases. You buy it not because it’s just pretty, but because of its others features– after all, it only comes in two colors.

What You’ll Love About It

LIGHTWEIGHT: The microfiber cloth just weighs in at 350 grams, which makes it so portable you can carry it anywhere you want to practice your yoga (or any other activity). It works great when you travel to a studio that’s far from you and it’s not possible to bring your mat. Just bring this with you to put on the class’ free pad to use, and you’re good to go.

ABSORBENT AND QUICK DRY: It does a great job soaking up that it seems the more you perspire, the better it gets. While the grip is not dual sided like the YogiEarth Towel, it sticks to the surface of the pad just as well. It’s so absorbent that your pad won’t feel wet and the fabric won’t get saggy even while you’re dripping lots of liquid toxins. It can be used for hot Pilates, vinsaya flow class, and other hot yoga routines.

LENGTH: At 26.5 x 72 inches, its size is pretty standard, thereby making it a perfect companion to whichever pad you’re likely to be using. There wouldn’t be any reason to worry about slipping or feeling the cold floor once you do a bit of stretching because the span was too short.

AFFORDABLE: This is available online  for a low price. While already of good value, it also works best in the long run – the life of your mat is extended because you don’t need to wash your mat as much.

EASY TO CLEAN: Just put it in the wash, and like any other cloth it will still work fine even after a few years. It’s also easier to keep because it doesn’t take as long as those used for bathing to dry.

What You Probably Won’t Like


  • You can’t practice on this alone, because you’ll need a mat. However, it’s perfectly acceptable to use in other activities. You may use this at the beach or even during your daily bath, though you might find it to be a bit long.
  • Excessive sweat might still go through to the bottom of mats since it’s thin.
  • It may also move above a little the mat while you shift poses.

Finally, A Yoga Towel That Doesn’t Slide

Reviews online have been extra positive about the Shandala GOSWEAT, and that is because they deliver the quality they promise. By keeping you firmly in place, this mat helps you improve your yoga practice and prevent injuries. Some users who sweat a lot end up using gloves or socks, which also work in their own way, but those who are more comfortable with bare hands and feet might find covering them a bit of a hassle. Various users have highly recommended this for yogis who need a towel, whether they are beginners or experts. Order one now and get to see how quick it really dries.