Grand Sierra Ladies Waterproof Taslon Ski Glove – An Unremarkable but Solid Option

Ladies Waterproof Taslon Ski Glove (1)

Far from the heaviest or most advanced model of ski wear available, the Grand Sierra Waterproof Taslon is a classic, simple model with nothing to prove and one simple goal: to keep your hands warm. The engineering of cold-weather gear is constantly improving, with new synthetic materials and other innovations leading to a constantly-shifting marketplace. But the tried-and-true assembly of this product offers design elements that have been proven to work for years, so if you want to know exactly what you’re getting with a ski glove skip the fancier options and take a look at this highly-affordable option.

Classic, but Basic, Protection

Industry standard Thinsulate lining brings years’ worth of proven effectiveness at weatherproofing, waterproofing, windproofing and wicking for your comfort. A long-time industry leader, 3M’s Thinsulate has appeared in just about every kind of cold-weather gear you can imagine, and remains a trusted source of protection despite more recent innovations in synthetics. These particular models offer a full 40 ounces of Thinsulate, meaning protection inside and out.Unfortunately, the insulation is quite thin. Stacked up against other models at a comparable price point, the Grand Sierras would almost certainly not provide the greatest deal of pure protection against the cold, due to this relatively small quantity of insulation. However, this can have some advantages in its own right, especially for those who don’t intend to use them in truly extreme conditions.

Light is Alright

Equipment suited to such conditions can often prove excessive for more ordinary circumstances, leaving average users to sweat underneath gear intended for mountaineering expeditions or other exceptional purposes that demand especially heavy-duty gear. These aren’t necessarily gear you would bring to the Arctic, but odds are good you won’t need them for anything so extreme.Another advantage to thinner, lighter gloves is that they can be easier to supplement with thin liners or chemical-based hand warmers. Just make sure you buy yours a little large, as some users complain that the ordinary sizing runs small, and you’ll want to make sure you have that extra room to add a second layer just in case.A less-bulky design also means that you’ll retain a good deal of your manual dexterity and motor control, as compared to others that can sometimes leave your hands feeling like they’re wrapped in blankets—warm, but ineffective for most purposes. If you may need these for things like doing chores outside, like clearing a driveway with a snow shovel, you’ll find that the activity itself helps keep you warm and that the gloves do very little to interfere with your grip. They also offer a rubberized palm patch for extra traction on things you’re holding on to.

In addition, these offer an acrylic knit cuff and Velcro wrist strap, both of which should stop cold or snow from sneaking their way in.

In Short

No one would mistake the Grand Sierra Women’s Taslon Ski Gloves for industry leaders or bold pieces of innovative engineering. In truth, they’re not truly “remarkable” in any way… but you may not want a product that attempts to reinvent the wheel. For a solid product at a safe price, these should do just fine.