Sinister Skullworks – The “Cool Kid” of Hunting

PSE Sinister 70-Pound Skullworks Bow

More spunky than sinister, fun and power come together to create a single cam bow that is a great performer for many expeditions. The Sinister Skullworks, manufactured by PSE Archery, has many added features that make it an enjoyable, yet powerful tool.

A Hunter’s Dream

When looking at all the different options of this model, it is critical to know that this has many features and the important details of selecting a compound bow. This is a cool tool with lots of great characteristics.  At first, hunters will like how it looks and feels. With more use, they will learn that not only is this cool it is actually a great performer with some substance behind its looks.Here is a great combination of appearance and performance and hunters will appreciate both. When compared to others, such as the R.A.K. (Ready, Aim, Kill) equipped Diamond Core, the benefits found with the Sinister Skullworks model stand out.

Not All Are The Same

The Sinister Skullworks is adjustable and needs some fine tuning before being ready for shooting. As R.A.K. equipped, the Diamond Core can be used almost immediately with little adjusting. And while they have the same maximum draw weight and they both offer the same power capabilities, the Diamond Core is more of a basic model.Additionally, it does not have the added features that can enhance performance, probably because it focuses more on being a beginner friendly tool rather than a competitive performer. Hunters who are looking for something powerful might find this one to be too plain.

A Hunting Tool at Its Best

As an option with some unique additions, hunters will find it ideal for all scenarios including hikes, sitting in tree stands and spur of the moment outings.

Special Grip

Users will appreciate the “Raptor Grip” which is a unique element that aides the hunter. The grip shows where the hand should go so it can be held properly every time it is used. This will be appreciated and utilized by even the most experienced hunter.

Excellent Power

At its highest setting it carries a maximum draw weight of 70 pounds, giving off great power. Also the string track is larger which makes for a smoother draw. The limbs are better aligned thanks to the Brute X pivoting limb pockets and this helps achieve the power that is needed.

Compact, Light-Weight Design

As a very compact piece of equipment, it measures 28 inches from axel to axel and its overall weight is 3.9 pounds. The 25.5 inch to 30.5 inch draw length keeps it compact as well. This is a great benefit to the hunter who is on the move and who needs their equipment to be very mobile.


With the features that come with this it would seem that the price would be higher. Priced mid-range , when compared to others in the market, people will be surprised that this one performs like it costs much more.

Company Reputation

PSE Archery has been around since 1970 and is the only original compound bow manufacturer still in business. As a company, they are committed to the sport of archery and aim to create quality equipment from conception to manufacturing.With its powerful and professional appeal, one can see why this solid pick is a serious tool and that it can be used in the next step in the hunting experience.

The Sinister Has a Dark Side

With the appeal of this bow, it has hard to believe that it may not be suitable for everyone. Here’s why it not everyone may feel it is a match for them:

  • Beginners might want a more basic tool – novice hunters might find that they want a simpler design that they can use for practice to gain confidence and skill in the field.
  • The draw weight is too heavy – novice hunters might be intimidated and do not want to start out with such a powerful draw weight
  • Out of their price range – although this is a value for its price, buyers might not want as much.

Nonetheless, while it might fall short for a novice user, it certainly is a strong contender for the seasoned hunter.

A Great Choice for a Good Time

Looks are not deceiving here. Hunters will quickly find out how much they love the look and the performance. There is certainly more substance behind the appealing features. They can hunt knowing that once settings are in place, they will be repeatedly triumphant during outdoor excursions. The confidence gained from this will let the enable the user to let go and enjoy their experience that much more.Now that the highlights of the Sinister Skullworks have been shared here, go shop with the knowledge and proof that this is a perfect tool.