Smith Optics Scope Goggles

Smith Optics Scope Goggle

You might wonder just how you can equip yourself for snow sports without spending an arm and a leg. The proper gear sounds like it comes an amazing cost. However, sometimes a nice option comes along that can perform the way you need it to and still be well within almost all budgets. The Scope developed by Smith Optics may just do that for you. We will look into all they have to offer and see if this pair is a perfect fit for your equipment needs and budgetary confinements as well.

What are the Advantages of these goggles?

This eye protection offers a wonderful fit, and they start out for a medium head with an extra wide adjustable strap to make them even more comfortable for most users. This is even the case for those people with larger heads and faces. They also have a wide range of vision so you don’t miss anything in the peripherals either.Their biggest selling point is simply just comfort, and they are sure to please you with their extra wide silicone strap and compression-molded hypoallergenic foam. This set will fit snuggly to your face without any of that annoying slipping and constant adjustment you may have found on some pairs.

What are some of the downfalls of the Smith Optics Scope?

While these are a pretty decent set of goggles in the lower price range, they do have a few things that could be improved upon. Quite a few users complained about the lenses having an easily scratched surface, even when using the allotted cloth bag to wipe them with, so you might keep that in mind and treat them a little more carefully. However, this complaint has also been given on far more expensive models, like the Oakley Splice. It is still notable that the Splice model has a far better built in fog resistance.There also have been several reports that the foam that makes them so comfortable around the face is not as well made as it could be. There have been a couple of instances of flakiness. Some people have also stated that it is not as sturdy as it should be and is too easily messed up. This is definitely something to take into consideration as you continue your comparison.

Taking a deeper look

The Scope goggles from Smith come in either black or white frames. They also have 3 different variations of lenses, with a mirrored blue to purple, a rose copper and a mirrored dark grey lens available to choose from. The frames themselves are well made and stand up to very frequent use. In addition, they are very wide and the goggles themselves are fairly large, giving you a really good field of vision. You will experience no worries about your lack peripheral vision while using this set.They do only have a few options available as far as frame and lens color, so that may be worth considering as well, if you need something more specific. You can get the frames in a classic black or white with a matching strap. There are two lens styles to be had, a rose colored one that is specified for partly sunny conditions and a blue mirrored version. Even with only a few options, most people said that they had no visibility issues with these Carbonic-X lenses designed with special Thermal technology and TLT optics.This pair is also backed by a lifetime warranty by the manufacturer, so that’s a fantastic guarantee to have in your hands, especially considering the companies long history. This company has been on the sports scene since 1965 and is very well respected among athletes of all calibers. This company not only has a long track record, but they also get some pretty great reviews online as a standard. All of this experience certainly helps you to feel a lot more comfortable with a lower cost option such as this model.

What do we think in the end?

The Scope is definitely a nice version to take into consideration. They come at a fairly low cost, and even with that they will give you a lot of functionality. They fog very little, and are really well known for their comfort, especially if you have a larger head or face. There have been some concerns with the lenses being easily scratched so you certainly would want to take care with wiping them down. They come in a couple of different options which is always kind of a nice surprise in a more cost efficient design. All in all, these would be wonderful option if you don’t want to dig too deep into your pockets, but still want reliable eye protection with a good level of comfort for a larger head or face.