SPRI Xertube Resistance Band Exercise Cords – A Traveling Companion for Beginners

SPRI Xertube Resistance Band Exercise Cords
Manufacturer SPRI introduces their revolutionary Xertube Exercise Cords, which are perfect for human beings who wish to work out on the go. The cords are the essential products for beginners, as well, built for optimal muscle gain and endurance achievement. With their high-quality make, they are ideal for those who want to achieve fitness without leaving home.

A Lean, Muscle-Making Machine

The cords have seen a host of customers, from busy moms to professional body builders, and, while they seem ideal for the former, the latter find them a bit underwhelming. One customer claims they, while “great for strength and toning,” are not the best for gaining muscle bulk. Another reviewer stated the bands were “great for a beginner woman,” and they had offered a “good muscle-toning workout.” The varied audience the product attracts, as well as the varied reviews that come as a result, allow one to examine a wider scope of use, rather than the niche to which one often becomes accustomed in certain markets.

Of buyers who found the cords to be less than satisfying, the primary complaint was the order included only one component of the five advertised, and the price and method of purchase is both confusing and misleading. As far as critique of the product itself, the handles that accompany the bands seem to be the most constant bother. Made of “simple plastic,” as one user points out, the handles are less comfortable than others, which are made of foam or latex. There are also buyers who find fault in the tubes’ quality, warning the product is likely to snap after only a few uses.

Negative reviews aside, there are plenty of people who have made thorough use of SPRI’s resistance elastics. One of our top picks for exercise bands, they maintain a reputation that is beyond compare with individuals who are looking for something to kick start their workout regime. Too, the inventions are backed by a recommendation from the United States military, further proof they are a product from which one, even an individual who possesses the strength of a military soldier, can expect long-lasting reliability.

A Growing Force in Fitness

SPRI, a company based in Illinois, considers itself responsible for making this form of exercise technology useful for more than just physical therapy. Using their exclusive Tuff Tube™ material, SPRI promises to develop equipment that is both heavy-duty and lightweight. Their professional-grade products have been included in workouts that are all the rage, such as Les Mills and TurboJam, and are a common feature in both public and home gyms throughout the world. Their resistance bands, in particular, are perfect for use in strength training and Pilates, as well as yoga and gymnastics.

The Xertube is made of patented, laboratory-tested material that is solely available from SPRI. Carrying the promise of purity and resilience, the exercise cords are engineered to withstand the demands of rigorous use while maintaining a light weight that is popular with people who enjoy fitness on the go. The bands are also consistently a source of improvement for their company, whose ultimate goal is to provide the best quality at the lowest price. Being modified to the customers’ requests, the set is one that is sure to please even the pickiest shopper.

A favorite among the diverse crowd of individuals seeking muscle tone, the product comes in three lengths and five levels of weight resistance so as to appeal to every shape and size. When compared Aylio’s Loop only offer three different levels of resistance. The lengths, which are defined as “light,” “medium,” and “heavy,” make it possible for both mighty miniatures and Grecian giants to achieve an ideal level of fitness. Weight resistance, too, allows the individual to progress at his or her own pace through the levels of attaining the body of which he or she has always dreamed. Classified from “Very Light” to “Very Heavy,” each individual cord is sold separately so as to afford a beginner the opportunity to effect a sample without potentially wasting his or her money on an entire series of equipment that may never be put to use. The option of individual purchase also provides a money-saving advantage to exercisers who are more advanced, as buying the lighter weights is neither automatic nor required.

Try It for Yourself

Now that you have been introduced to SPRI’s revolutionary resistance bands, you now have the opportunity to place an order.  These inventions, as well as others, are available for purchase on both Amazon and on SPRI’s own web store. Ideal for trial as well as custom combining, the elastic wonders are a quality product for a price that cannot be beat.