Storing Your Ski Gear

When the ski season ends and it’s time to pack everything up, you might be wondering just exactly what the proper way to store it is. There are a couple of things to make certain that you do every season and then all of your gear will last through many years of use with you.

Storing your ski


Proper Storage is Important

There are lots of pieces of ski equipment that you probably have on hand to use during the season. When the summer starts to rear its head, it’s time to get it all ready to go into storage until the next year.Make certain that you care for each of your items every time you store them. Remember, you paid good money for it all and picked each piece for a certain reason from your boots to your poles and even your goggles. After all, without the proper gear, you won’t be nearly as protected out on those slopes.

Some Basic Storage Tips

Most of the equipment will store fairly easily, and should be pretty easy to figure out. Let’s look at a few ways to make this easier, however.

  • If you don’t already own one, grab a duffel or other sack to store all of the miscellaneous pieces like gloves and socks.
  • Wash and dry everything thoroughly before putting it into storage. This way you don’t run the risk of mildew creeping in.
  • Store your skis, poles, gear bag and helmet off of the floor.

Storage of Your Goggles

Putting your eyewear away for the warmer months is actually one of your easiest steps. Just put them back in the box you got them in. Some pairs, like the Bolle Y6 even come with a case for you to put them into. Just ensure that they are also clean and dry before you put them away.

Other Considerations

Each piece of equipment requires a little bit of care before you put it away. It’s important to keep it all well maintained every year and it will be with you for many trips to come.

Boots: Place these in either a sealed plastic sack or a specified boot bag in order to keep bugs from nesting in them. Also ensure that your buckles are closed so that they continue to work well.

Poles: It’s a good idea to purchase a dedicated container for your things, then wipe these down and just place them in there.

Skis: These are the biggest piece you will have to contend with and the most work. You should take them for a tune up first, then use ski wraps on them. After this, they go into your bag as well.

Proper Care Pays Off

If you maintain your sports equipment, then it will take care of you when the winter comes back around. It doesn’t take much preparation to make your life much easier. You can easily make all of your things last for many years with just a little bit of work.