The Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie – A Worthy Import

Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie

Able to be shipped outside the United States, Takara’s Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie hybrid is a device that can “keep things simple and get the job done, without breaking the bank.”Breaking the stereotype of cheaply-made imports, Takara has earned the respect of its American audience.  Coming in two sizes with comprehensive instructions for assembly, the creation is something that all, even beginners, can appreciate.With regards to price, it runs for far less than its competitors.  priced competitively, , it still has customers raving that it is “the best bike they have ever owned.”

A Simple Design with Little Hassle

Takara is a company that, while still allowing importance to appearance, definitely does not put presentation at the forefront of their products.  Rather, they act after American companies of the past: they allow the product, as well as its quality, to speak for itself.Available in only two colors and two sizes, the device still gets compliments from young and old alike.  One customer, completely new to hybrids, said the product’s “color scheme is insanely gorgeous.”  Another, a man standing over six-feet tall, said that it was “perfect for his size.”  A third took to the colors again, saying they were “great and eye-catching.”  While the options may be slim, the cycle is still dressed to impress.Another contributing factor is the item’s technical design, which is as simple as its outside.  A fixed-gear bike, it is reviewed as giving a buyer “a killer workout, as well as the best ride he has ever had.”  Another customer complimented the reflectors on the device’s pedals, as they permitted for him to travel at night without having to worry about blinding oncoming traffic with a headlight.Third, reviews indicate the machine is simple in assembly.  Even those who had trouble were happy to announce that their local sports store or repair shop was able to assist for less than what would have been the cost of another, harder-to-assemble product.  One happy buyer indicated he “didn’t have any experience assembling bikes and I [he] was just fine.”  Another said he was happy with the fact the mechanism came at one speed, as it offered “very little maintenance.”As one can surmise, while the creation is not perfect for all, Takara’s Flat-Bar Fixie is “what you need, if you’re a beginner without much experience.”

Light, Durable, Inexpensive

The three words above are what most consumers have said about this hybrid. Constructed of steel, the hand crafted bike is “super lightweight.”  Its body, which is intended for male riders, carries far less pounds than the average product of its size.  Taking cues from aircraft and newer-model cars, it allows for maximum speeds at minimum exertion.  A buyer indicates that the weight was the primary reason for his purchase, saying he enjoyed having the ability to coast when propulsion was not necessary.While the bike is aerodynamic, it is also able to endure the demands of a busy, commute-based lifestyle.  A rider who prefers athletics to leisure indicates he has “taken this [the bike] fifty miles already, and have [has] not run into any problems.”

There are also reviewers who signify they have used the product for years, and have run into little to no troubles.  Overall, the invention is wonderful for someone who does not wish to make another trip to a bike store, whether it be online or in public, any time in the foreseeable future.Another happy review of the item mentioned its brakes which, for a single-gear bicycle, are more than responsive and allow for stops anywhere they might come about. You should get this bike to help you meet with new people.

There is also feedback that tells of the hybrid’s ability to be modified if needed, an ideal option for the more-picky rider.While priced at under what one might pay for half a month’s worth of gasoline, the hybrid is equipped with a warranty, as well as awesome customer service.  Buyers tell of having been aided in a prompt amount of time, as well as being able to easily procure the items necessary for at-home repairs.  It could be assumed that universal components, for a universal product, are what render possible such actions.

A Simple Savior

In its entirety, the Sugiyama Flat-Bar Fixie is great for men who enjoy riding through both town and country and is a great alternative to Edgewood Men’s Sports Hybrid.  An example of whan international products could be, it presents lifetime quality and durability packaged in a simple, yet attractive, package.  Overall, it is a product that will gain positivity, and hopefully recognition, in the years to come. If you feel Takara’s model is right for you, pull the triger. Upon reading buyers needed little to no extra help will make for both a happy bank account and a more in-shape you.