How To Take Cycling Seriously: A Novice Turned Pro


Cycling is a basic past time that can help you lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle. As you begin your journey from noobie to professional you will see the following benefits multiplied. Cycling is an excellent way to:

Take cycling seriously

 Burn calories

  • About 300 calories per hour with steady movement.
  • Builds stamina, which in turn increase metabolic rate.
  •  Improves cardio vascular health, lessen chances of heart related illnesses.
  • Is a holistic activity that requires coordination of the entire body.
  • Increase muscle tone, without the high impact that is associated with running.

Cycling Organization

The USA Cycling organization issue license for each of its disciples. These licenses can be purchased online or though mail.  The amount of time a license is valid varies based on the disciple, but all licenses expire on December 31st of the year they were issued, except the ones bought in the month of December which expire the following year. One-Day license are available for specific events, but do not enable one to become a USA Cycling member or eligible to participate in a championship event.

Becoming a member of the USA cycling organization allow you to take advantage of discounts and specials offered by the organization’s sponsors and participate in championship events.


The following is a list of the most common disciples that have developed over the years. Sub-sets and underground movements that have not made it to the mainstream are not included.

Road: The most widespread disciple.  For urban use on paved or concrete roads, road cycling requires riders to obey the same rules and laws as other vehicles.

Mountain: This is an individualist sport that can include steep technical descents and aerial maneuvers in addition to cycling on rugged mountain paths. Types of mountain biking include cross-country (XC), trail riding, all mountain, downhill, freeride, slopestyle, dirt jumping, and trials.

Track: This is a bicycle racing sport usually that takes place on banked tracks or velodomes built for this specific purpose. Track cycling is a sport featured in the modern Olympic games for both men and women.

Cyclo-cross (CCX,CX): This is a type of off road cycling whose bicycles are nearly identical to those of road , but have different wheels. The wheels have tread for riding on rough trails and unpaved roads.

BMX: Bicycle motocross is an off road sport where stunt and competitive racing are performed. There are a variety of models to choose from depending on the terrain: dirt, flatland, freestyle , park , race, and street. When selecting a BMX bike, wheels size is essential and determined by the type of activities that will be performed. It is a staple sport in the X-games and is also an Olympic sport.

Para-cycling: This Para-Olympic sport was developed for the four functional disability types. People with physical and visual disabilities are eligible to compete as a sportsman. Cerebral palsy or non-progressive brain damage, epilepsy patients can compete as long as there position does not restrain them medically or physically from competing.

Tips for Novices 

One of the most common ways to spot a novice is being the one who is not aware of the well-known industry secrets. The following are tips on how one can move from the former to the latter. 

Not Being Properly Prepared

  • Repairs may be necessary on the road, prepare a small toolkit before heading out
  • Carry money and food supplies with you in case of unexpected accidents, especially in more remote locations

Not Being Acquainted With Your Bicycle’s Features

Adding more than enough pressure on the brakes

  • Resulting in brakes locking up
  • Dangerous when one is in close proximity to other cyclist

 Saddle is not set at the appropriate height

  • When your leg is at the bottom of the pedal stoke, your leg should be nearly straight

 Not being able to unclip from pedals

  • Unclip foot before you come to a complete stop

 Braking at a corner

  •  Brake slowly in anticipation in order to avoid locking up

Not using the right cadence or gear

  •  Not Knowing Proper Maintenance

 Using the wrong or too much lubricant

  •  Apply lube on a clean chain, rather than applying multiple layers as this will leave you with stains on calves

Selecting the Most Appropriate Bicycle in Relation to the Disciple

Road bikes do not experience the same amount of impact other performance bikes do; a bike purchased from a general retail store will suffice. If you are looking for an option that can be used in an urban city in addition to mountainous terrain, a mountain bike would be the most appropriate option.  A great mountain bike for novices who aspire to take on more serious terrain should consider the Kawasaki DX226FS as it is a bike of a incredibly modest price range that with a few upgrade could handle activities in the disciples of road, mountain, and possibly cyclo-crossing, if the wheels were modified.The disciples of track, BMX, and para-cycling have many models that correspond to certain subsets. When selecting a bicycle or equipment for these disciples one must already have in mind the activities that will be performed. High quality bikes are to be selected only after you have settled on a disciple, although uncertainty of what terrains or models would best suit your needs can be remedied through research.