Ten Exercises That Don’t Use Electricity

Physical wellness is once again becoming a trend in America, and people are hitting the gym to perfect their bikini bodies.  This comes, however, to the disadvantage of our Earth.  As more electricity is spent on fitness, bills rise and pollution turns the sky a cloudy shade of greenish-black.  However, there is a method to preventing this damage from being done, as well as a way to keep the current situation from becoming any worse.  Believe it or not, there are workouts that can be done without machines, without gasoline, and without money.

You can run anywhere


Our ancestors, the hunters and the gatherers, relied on running to save them from the predators that might attack while in the wild.  Although we no longer have to worry about a sudden influx of lions, tigers, and bears; running is a great way to build your cardiovascular power without consuming energy.  The treadmill might be your first choice but, over the long run, a jog in the park can save both your wallet and your environment.


According to archaeology, swimming was first practiced as a sport by Egyptians in 2500 BCE.  Over 4,000 years later, little has changed.  Aquatic movement provides great resistance, which builds muscle.  Also, the low-impact nature of the sport is a wonderful way to heal your joints after running or dancing.


Yes, a mode of transportation can also burn Calories.  We know you are probably not a competitive biker, however hybrid bikes, like this one from Critical Cycles are a great by for everyone who is fitness minded and wants to be outdoors.  You should probably take some time to read hybrid bike reviews for which bike fits your needs. If you don’t have one, get one, the journey will be worth it, in hindsight.


Another old sport, weightlifting can be done with dumbbells, barbells, or simple human resistance.  This activity is amazing for people who want to sculpt their bodies and achieve that lean, long shape.  It also features equipment that is relatively inexpensive and portable, so as to make for an accessible form of workout. 


Sometimes labeled as the sport of hippies and people who are not fond of cardiovascular exercise, this 26,000-year-old activity has aided billions in delving into the depths of their bodies and souls.  If you’re not one to use it as your primary workout, it makes a great addition to both warm-ups and cool-downs and the cool thing about yoga is that you can virtually do it in any setup.


Surprisingly, dance can burn as many Calories as an hour-long run, if done correctly.  Classic ballet can help with coordination, and is actually practiced by professional football players to improve agility.  If you like things a bit more modern, feel free to try classes in Zumba or hip-hop.  You can also get closer to your partner with activities such as ballroom or salsa.  In dance, there is always something to suit your rhythm.

Martial Arts

With a variety of choices that have their roots in ancient Chinese and Japanese culture, martial arts are a solution to improving your history skills, your methods of self-defense, and your muscles.  If you’re into swords, Kendo is your best bet.  Hand-to-hand combat is characteristic of Karate, which literally means “empty hand.”  In any scenario, martial arts are an impressive skill to add to your cardiovascular résumé.


While it is not something that will make you buff or lean in a matter of months, gardening assists in lowering the risk of heart disease, as well as improving symptoms in those who suffer from depression or anxiety.  It has also been shown to do well for individuals who struggle with arthritis or fibromyalgia, diseases that can cause crippling pain. In essence, you are rehabilitating the land while rehabilitating your body.


Gymnastics is a sport that is most effective if training begins early, when the individual is less than five years old.  However, people of any age are able to achieve an increased flexibility through knowledge of the activity.  Whether it be in a physical class or from instructions from a book or website, gymnastics is something you can carry with you for the rest of your life.


Unlike the other activities on this list, racquetball involves using an actual ball.  Similar sports, which can be played either separately or with a team, are tennis, volleyball, and basketball.  With no machines needed, your Earth will always be rooting for your victory.Well, there they are.  While this list works as a great starting tool, it would be a decent idea to try activities of all kinds.  Some people are more cut out for ball sports, and others prefer to do things with teams instead of as a solo exerciser.  There are also the few who prefer to work out in a classroom environment, as well as people who, due to a physical condition, are restricted to using a machine.  Over time, whatever you choose, you are still lapping the people on the couch.