Three Ways to Use Fitness for Charity

In the United States, it is not uncommon to feel bombarded for offerings of money from charitable organizations, both global and local.  Although many people would like to donate to these causes, the current state of the economy makes one more inclined to put himself and his or her family before others.This is understandable, however what if there were a way to collect funds on a larger scale?  If every person paid five dollars, things would surely add up.Below, you’ll find a few popular forms of using the power of teamwork to raise money for a good cause.  They also cater to those who want to tone their bodies, lose weight, or get in shape along the way.

use fitness for charity


There is no easier way to raise money for charity than by hosting a fundraising walk and this will also help you stay green.  While there are many smaller organizations around the world that host events for local causes, there are also larger efforts such as:

NAMI – The National Alliance on Mental Illness encourages advocates to organize walks in their states or towns, collecting donations from sponsors and participants.

TNT – Team in Training, which raises funds for blood cancer patients and their families for treatment.

The Arthritis Foundation – Organizes two walks per year, to aid in finding care for both children and adults who have been diagnosed with the disease.

In addition to the organizations listed above, there remain several others that host more intense efforts such as 5Ks, sprints, and winter marathons.  Races offer the chance for winners, as well as for the award of prizes.  While it isn’t a must, it does make the event, as a whole, more enticing to participants.  In some areas, the prize for first place is a new car.Before hosting your event, it would be a good idea to check your local laws regarding the spectacle’s time and place.  Also, make sure to have enough in your budget for advertising, and also for refreshments and shelter, in case of inclement weather.  You could also think about whether or not you want your race to be in teams, or as individuals.


If you’re someone who wants to test their new Schwinn, then perhaps riding in a bike marathon is the best way for you to donate to a good cause.  Some charities that offer biking events are:

The Big Ride Across America – Hosted by The American Lung Association, the Big Ride spans seven weeks and encourages participants to ride across the nation, all in support of lung cancer treatment.

Cycling for Sight – The brainchild of the Blind Stokers’ Club, the tour, which takes place in San Diego, works to provide blind people with the care they need and deserve.

Get Your Guts in Gear – Held in Georgia, New York, and Ohio, this ride works to elevate awareness for Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease, also known as Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

These rides are long, so it is important you do some looking to find which hybrid bike can handle the trip.  You have the option of choosing shorter options, if you do not want to, or cannot, go for miles and miles on the road.  You could also design your own race, and connect it to an organization that is of a more local nature.  If your race is longer, see if some hotels along the path would be willing to offer free rooms to riders and to their families for the journey.

Jumping Rope

A classic children’s activity, the act of jumping rope has raised over one billion dollars for charities that give to patients with heart disease.  The largest event, called Jump Rope for Heart, has become commonplace in elementary and junior high physical education classes, as well as in fitness instruction centers of the United Kingdom.If you think your community would benefit from a jump rope marathon, you should contact both your local planning committee and the organization to which you want to donate to set things in gear.  You should also make sure to advertise, and also to remind others their actions are for a good cause.Above were just a few ways you could use your love of fitness to increase awareness for special causes, whether they were mental or physical health.  There are also charities that sponsor similar events for animals’ rights, homeless shelters, and veteran care.Should you wish to host one for your organization, make sure you have considered the socio-economic status of the area in which you are holding the event, in addition to the availability of venues and the amount of sponsors.  You might also want to think about the season, the weather, and the option of a rain date.Wherever you are, and whatever your cause, we wish you luck!