Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar: The Best of the Best

Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

This heavy duty, wall mounted pull-up bar is one of the best on the market. With so many convenient features and its sturdy build make it a good fit for almost every lifestyle.It will be sure to impress pretty much everybody, but it still may not work for everyone. Let’s take a look at this impressive piece of equipment and determine if it will be a good addition to your home.

 The Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar

A very popular item nearly unmatched in its strength and dependability, this can be mounted to a wall in your home, garage or where ever you need it to be.The creators of this product took very few short cuts and as a result have made possibly the best bar available today. It has few competitors.

Compared to the ProSource Heavy Duty Easy Gym Doorway Bar

Another heavy duty, optional wall mount rod on the market, ProSource is a close competitor of it, however it lacks in a couple areas. Many customers claim it is not as sturdy as other products and the instructions are difficult to read.It does have optional wall or door mounting available in one product and is cheaper as well.

What Is So Great About the Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Bar

There are so many great things to analyze about this product, let’s take a look at what makes it stand out among the thousands of other products out there.

The Brand

Ultimate Body Press has several products that are all trusted by customers and have great ratings. People love the heavy duty, sturdy nature of all their workout equipment.

Weight Capacity and Durability

The ability to support up to 300 lbs. because of its gym quality steel construction and coated finish, make this an impressive piece of equipment. It will hold nearly anyone’s weight without swaying or wobbling. Not feeling like you are going to fall is an important part of any pull-up regimen.

Easy Set Up

Simply bolt this into the studs of any wall and you’re set. This product won’t go anywhere, you can depend on its strength for years to come!

Comfort Grips

As with most bars, this also has cushioned grips for the comfort of your hands during a workout. However, instead of having to slide the grips to where you want them and risk them twisting when you actually use them, this product has 3 different sets of grips already installed exactly where you will need them.

Multiple Grip Positions

With so many padded grips installed, this will certainly allow user to work muscles in new and varying ways.

Two in One

This bar is so sturdy that it can be used for suspended abdominal workouts, as well as upper body workouts. That will definitely save you money from not having to buy additional equipment.

Eliminate the Door Jamb Problems

Being wall mounted, this eliminates the dreaded door jamb, also known as racking your head on the top of the door. A common problem among doorway rods. Also, this bar has adequate room for your workout as it extends 20 inches from the base.


With 4 ½ stars out of 5, this is one of the most highly rated products today.It’s an addition nearly any exercise enthusiast would want added to their home gym.

Is There Anything Bad About It

There are a couple things that might not appeal to some.

  • This is one of the more expensive products out there.
  • Some complain that the bolts that come for installation are not as strong as they could be and recommend buying your own.
  •  A select few people have had problems with the welds. This is a very small percentage of people and I suspect it was a result of defect products. The item was replaced or fixed and the bar worked correctly.

Few items compare to the make of this, it is truly one of a kind. Being a bit pricey is understandable considering the strong construction, it will be an investment that will last for a long, long time to come.All in all, this rod does not disappoint, it is an impressive design that does exactly what it was built to do, with flying colors. It is a fantastic addition for anyone wanting a more permanent bar and who is serious about building upper body strength. It may not be the best choice for someone wanting equipment they can store away when not in use as it stays on the wall.If you have looked at what you require in a pull-up bad and find this meets your needs, then by all means purchase it! It won’t disappoint.