Universal Five Position Weight Bench Is a Classic

Universal Five-Position Weight Bench

From the parent company of the Bowflex, Natilus, comes the Universal Five Position.This is the most simplistic and basic version of a weight bench. It is literally meant to meet the basic needs of free weight lifting. They are based out of Vancouver, Washington. They have won multiple awards for healthiest employer.They take their customer and employee services to the next level. They have been successfully supplying through the direct channels and retail to the fitness world for over 40 years.

If it isn’t Broken Don’t fix it

The simplicity is key when talking about the design of this bench. It looks good and is even better with its small footprint. This is what you want for small spaces or beginners. You can tuck this bench neatly under a bed and use as needed.  Buying a bench like this does not require much know how so for a check list of what you’re buying I recommend reading ‘How to Buy the Right Weight Bench for you”.The product comes in a nicely upholstered seat and can be adjusted into five positions. These five positions are the basic run of the mill feature. The selling features for the Universal are:

5 Positions

A five position back pad is great. It opens up the possibilities when working out. This is a good common number of adjustments for the seat to move into. More would be better but less would not be worth the pay.


The stabilizers on the legs of this are a major plus. They are the round black section that keeps it in place during a work out.

2 year warranty

Two years is not the best amount for a warranty period. The way it should be is if you believe in your product you should be willing to back it as long as the materials will hold up. Providing quality people can believe in will sell you more in the long run. The upholstery only has a 30 day warranty.

Can it hold up to a Bowflex 5.1?

This is like comparing apples and oranges. I believe if you like this, then this could lead you to buy the Bowflex 5.1. The Universal pro makes working out easy for anyone where the Bowflex 5.1 can be a little intimidating to someone who is unsure of free weight lifting. It seems more pliable to everyday life where as the Bowflex would get in the way. In my opinion The Universal is better for the home. Where as the Bowflex is better for a work out room or gym.

The Talk

We all want to know the best reasons to buy. Sometimes a product takes us by surprise and sometimes it is exactly what we thought it is. In this case it is exactly what it says it is. This bench comes with a lot of good things. One of the best parts of the Universal is how mobile it is.Its portability is the best for moms and anyone looking to for something to tuck away when you aren’t using it. Its size also makes it perfect for storage. It lies completely flat so it can be slid into inconspicuous spaces.

What goes up, Must Come Down

The beauty of being able to read reviews is having other peoples experiences to be known. You get to learn just how well a product works. The downfalls that can be seen in this product are:
That though it says five positions there are only four positions are easily available.The leg rest is not that comfortable,he assembly is difficult to fallow,These are all slightly problematic. The constant problem that seems to come up is how the fifth position is not really a position to work out on. Though, it is more of just a setting to put/tuck it away. A difficult assembly is not really a big deal but can be a con when you’re looking for something fast and easy. An uncomfortable leg rest can be remedied if you’re more interested in a product that is cheap. However, you may find the leg rest is comfortable.

The Reality

The Universal is a great buy for those of you looking for ease. It is the ultimate classic style work out bench. It is made for convenience in everyday life. The creator definitely had women and moms in mind when coming up with this style of bench. This is versatile, and can give you a full workout without having to stop and adjust too often. The Universal is sturdy and won’t slip or lose grip on you. Overall this is a good buy.