Review of the Universal Power-Pak 445

Universal Power-Pak 445 Adjustable Dumbbells with Stand

Gym memberships have become a great thing for those who want to get into shape, the only thing that is not so great is the price. Another thing that is not on many peoples side is time. You need to be able to work and spend time with your family and going to the gym cuts into your time. Universal has come out with an at home adjustable dumbbell set that makes time no problem.The Power-Pak 445 is one of the top competitors in adjustable dumbbell sets. With weight ranging from four to forty-five pounds you can be a novice lifter and get great results. This is one of the more expensive sets which includes the following:

  • Stand
  • 1 year warranty
  • Work out guide
  • Adjust in 5 pound increments
  • 4 to 45 pounds in each hand

This set is on the bulky side because the weights are made of thick plastic and padded with foam. The size of this can make it hard to do some exercises but just like other things if you do it enough you will get use to the size. You have a length of fourteen inches, a width of fifteen inches, and a height of seven inches. Although the stand is easy to assemble it takes up space in your home. It is designed in a square shape so you can put it in the corner of a room. Even with the stand the weights do shift but you can easily get use to this.The color of all of it is a greyish silver with a touch a red here and there. This implicates the dial system on one side on each dumbbell so all you have to do is turn the selector dial to the desired amount and lift up. Upon selection it will only lift up the amount you want and leave the rest of it behind in the stand. It replaces nine sets of traditional fixed-weights and has a non-slip handle so you will not hurt your hands.Yes this may be a bit on the higher priced side but you get more for your money. Likewise if you were to choose a cast iron adjustable you do not get a stand nor do you get a work out guide to help you out. A few exercises you can accomplish with this set are:

  • Chest presses
  • Curls
  • Rows
  • Shrugs

Universal is branded by the company Nautilus. Nautilus also branded BowFlex and Schwinn, and no not the bike that was really popular back in the day. They pride themselves on the awards they have won over the years. Some of them being:

  • One of the American Heart Associations “Fit-Friendly Company” which they won three years in a row
  • The Portland Business Journal awarded them the “Healthiest Employer” in 2013
  •  Awarded one of the top places to work in 2013 for Oregon and South Washington

With only three complains against them since opening in 1999 they have rose to the top of the fitness industry. Their products are sold through retail and direct channels with their global headquarters in Vancouver, Washington. The Universal brand is made in the United States.The Power-Pak 442 has a very bulky appearance as stated in The Complication. This makes some exercises challenging but when you get use to the design it may be different for you. They protect your floor because they are not only padded with foam but are made out of durable plastic. Let’s say you have had a hard work out and you just drop the dumbbells from pure exhaustion; you do not have to worry about scratching your floors. Unlike the BowFlex SelectTech 552, which has a lot of plastic pieces in it, which will break if you drop them from any height.With only forty-five pounds you may out grow them in a few months but for beginners this set is perfect because it starts at four pounds then adjusts in five pound increments until the final weight of forty-five pounds.

Overall this set is perfect for beginners because it offers a stand, a work out guide, and four to forty-five pounds. If you do not have a lot of space in your home then this just is not the thing for you. The design of the stand is perfect for a corner not the middle of a room.The company that brands Universal has made reliable at home gym equipment for years. Not only have they been awarded on their quality of product but on the way they keep their employees healthy. With just a single click this product can be yours. You’re sitting here reading this anyway, why not just take a few seconds to order the Universal Power-Pak 445?