How to Use and Inversion Table

For anyone who likes a visual step by step, here is a YouTube video about how to use an inversion table.Inversion tables can be tricky when you first get them. They are huge pieces of machinery and they can be rather intimidating when you first get them. This article will show you the ins and outs of using an inversion table safely, so you can start using your new table with confidence. If you don’t already have an inversion table, I would recommend doing some research about buying inversion tables. Here is a good article about buying inversion tables.First off, it is recommended that the first time you invert, you have another person with you just in case you have trouble coming back up from the invert or, god forbid, something goes wrong.

How to Use and Inversion Table

Step 1: Read the user manual that came with your inversion table. This ensures proper safety and that you know all of the dos and don’ts for your particular machine. You also need to make sure that it’s put together correctly and that all of the straps, joints and pivot points are put in their proper place. Checking that these are all correctly placed should be something you do each time you use the machine, for safety.

Step 2: Chose the right spot in your home for your inversion table. Some tables, such as the Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table, come with a sturdy rubber on the bottom to avoid slipping on a hard surface. These tables would be best on tile or wood floors, but others don’t have that added feature. You also want a space that is open enough for the area of the table that you’ll be using and a calm and relaxing environment.

Step 3: ALWAYS adjust the table for your height before you even step on the table. Your head should be able to rest comfortably on the table, not over the top. Most machines come with a guide for adjusting the height mechanism, which will help, although some users have found that adjusting it differently helps even more. Sometimes machines have a unique set up and you may find you’re more comfortable at a different height range than what you actually are. Remember, this is a first time step. You shouldn’t have to adjust it every time you get on it unless there is more than one person using this table regularly.

Step 4: Now that your table is in the right place and you’ve adjusted it to your height, you want to make sure that the safety strap is properly connected. Look at your user manual again for information as to how to properly adjust this strap.

Step 5 (optional): For all new inversion table users, or people who haven’t used one in a long time, it is recommended that you adjust the table to the smallest invert to be able to get your body used to inverting. For most tables, this is a ten degree inversion.

Step 6: Now it’s time to step into the table and adjust the ankle straps. Most places will recommend that you wear athletic shoes while you invert, but many users have recommended boots for the most comfort.

Step 7: Life your arms over your head and let gravity do its job as you invert. Many people recommend staying at that angle for as long as you can, up to 25 minutes. Once you’re used to this angle, try inverting to larger angles until you can get to the 90 degree angle.