Are You Using Your Elliptical Machine Incorrectly

Using an elliptical machine for your daily workout may seem like a carefree breeze; the easy way to get in shape. While this is actually somewhat true, you may not be getting everything out of your routine that you could be. Because this kind of machine is simple to use and can provide very effective assistance with burning fat and building muscles, it has gained in popularity in many homes. However, if you are not using it properly, you may just be wasting your time and energy, spinning your wheels, so to speak, and getting nowhere near your goals. Let’s take a look at several ways you may be hampering your own success.

Are You Using Your Elliptical Machine Incorrectly


Simply put, one of the most common mistakes you might be making during your routine is just laziness. This is true in several different ways. First, the consoles are usually calibrated for a person weighing 150 lbs, so if you don’t put your own stats in, then you won’t get as thorough of a workout. This also goes for several other behaviors that may have become part of your habits. One of these is never changing the direction of your movements. Another mistake you might be making during your workout is the amount of resistance you are using. It may seem like you are going fast and furious, but if it sounds like you are about to fly, it means that you are not using enough resistance and you are just basically going through the motions. In addition, you won’t be doing anything for your muscles if you don’t focus at all on your routine. It’s necessary to actually engage your muscles and feel like you are having to push through, not just making up and down motions.


When you work out all the time with the same equipment you can tend to get into the same bad habits. The next time you step on your elliptical, check your posture. Making sure that you are standing up straight helps to engage more muscle groups. Also don’t put all weight on your toes. This can lead to you losing feeling in your feet, so instead lean back on to your heels.

Not Changing Your Routine

Most elliptical machines can be used in a forward motion and can also then be reversed to work out a different set of muscles. If you don’t use this feature, you aren’t truly making the best use of your time. One more issue that some people have as far as having a lazy workout is their upper body. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this piece of equipment is just a way to work your legs and cardiovascular system. Make sure you use the upper body portion at least some of the time and get an even more intense workout. Another mistake that many people make is getting stuck in the same old routine. Change it up and keep your muscles working to their fullest.

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