Vitalsox Graduated Compression Socks

Vitalsox Graduated Compression socks


Vitalsox incorporates gradient compression in order to speed recovery after workouts, as well as the typical benefits of reducing foot swelling and leg pains. A number of highly accomplished athletes endorse Vitalsox on their website, giving them credibility within the athletic community. As a feature not found elsewhere, they use Dry Stat, a unique fiber-blend that keeps feet and legs dry during hard workouts, so you can expect to stay sweat-free. They also incorporate built in arch support and an Achilles tendon protector.


User reviews and the endorsements accumulate in evidence that Vitalsox does help with shin splints, aid recovery time, and all the rest by increasing oxygen availability to the leg muscles and compressing the leg for improved blood circulation. Since compression socks can be used for a variety of purposes, it’s important to look at all the bases. Good for the workplace where you’ll be on your feet all day? Check. Good for pregnant women who have trouble with foot swelling? Check. Let’s also throw in Vitalsox’s success with periods of long travel. Most users experiences a huge difference wearing these socks, and Vitalsox promises that you’ll feel the difference in just one hour, provided you get the right fit.


Vitalsox come in a variety of solid colors, including black, white, and some very vibrant pink, and green. In terms of appearance, I like these quite a lot. They’re athletic looking and sleek. The heel to toe area features a light-gray design that highlights the arch support in an eye-catching way. They also include a thin, mesh stripe that runs along the fronts and back, making the fit just a bit better. If you’re not crazy about the style, you could always hide them at work under a pair of slacks, but if you’re like me, you’ll find these socks impressive looking.


Vitalsox’s sizing chart is based solely on foot size, which can be misleading. Both calf diameter and height need to be taken into account for a good fit. Thus, some people have trouble figuring out just which size is for them. A very few end up never finding a good fit at all. There’s nothing about the design that’s any more problematic than any other sock (people are just shaped all differently and standard sizing will never incorporate all body types). It is, however, more difficult to find the right fit due to the sizing guide provided.


One of the drawbacks about Vitalsox could be considered durability. Certain users report only a 3 month lifespan. It’s uncertain under what conditions, however, so this should be taken with a grain of salt. The added padding around the foot area should ensure a longer lifespan for the sock itself. Proper care is important given the silver ions present in the fabric; they must be line dried instead of machine dried to prevent extra wear and damage. Unless you abuse your socks, there is no solid reason to think they won’t last as long as other compression socks out on the market.

What Sets Them Apart

Vitalsox offers a great looking compression sock, but nothing about it particularly sticks out. It’s one of the best, but not the best and simply uses the same theory in design to achieve recovery boosts, elimination of shin splints, etcetera.

Still Not Certain?

If you’re not sure whether or not these are the socks for you, consider the following breakdown:

Vitalsox Compression Socks are Great If

  • You want results but don’t want to pay top of the line for them
  • You are a fan of the sleek, sporty look
  • You will benefit from the added foot padding/support
  • You take part in sports/activities and can benefit from the wealth of results

Vitalsox Might Not Be for You If

  • You’re concerned about sizing/not certain what size will work for you
  • You want something less noticeable
  • You do want the best product out there possible regardless of price
  • You would rather have your feet free and thus buy sleeves
  • You don’t feel like you need all of the results and thus could opt for a cheaper compression socks, or forego compression all together

The Bottom Line

Vitalsox offers the full package, compression that has uses for long work days, travel, pregnancy, and sports with a sleek design. They are, however, not the best of the best. For the price, they’re a great deal and those who don’t need the best should consider this still great option because you’re not sacrificing much in the way of results at all.