Ways to Meet New People

In a world that is more connected than ever, you probably feel, ironically, a bit disconnected.  As people are meeting, greeting, and saying goodbye, you have a sense of longing.  You desire a relationship that is closer than the ones made in business, and you want someone with whom you may share similar interests.No, we’re not talking romance.  We’re talking about friendship.  Below are some ways in which you can improve your relationships, and maybe find someone with whom you have the comfort to form that strong social bond.


Say Hello 

It’s surprising how quickly you can develop a new relationship by simply introducing yourself.  You’re starting with a slate that is relatively clean, which allows for you to forget your flaws and baggage.  No, we’re not telling you to lie; we’re simply saying you don’t have to confess your every sin in order to gain the trust of a new individual.Try beginning with your neighbors as you head off to work, or with coworkers who you have never really gotten the chance to meet.  You could also do it during happy hour, or over another night on the town.  You would be shocked at the number of individuals who are open to telling you how their day has been, or how they have passed their night.  If you’re a college student, you might ask your dorm mates if they’ve been sleeping well.

Charity Events

Charity events can help you kill two birds with the same stone. You can contribute to the cause you believe in and also meet new people. Contact your favorite charity for events they have coming up in the near future and pick the one you can attend. You can also as for a list of people who are going to come to the event and see if there is someone you are interested in meeting.

Get Online

Yes, this suggestion sounds like it doesn’t belong.  How could anyone meet anyone online?Yet, dating sites have proven us all wrong.You don’t have to be looking for romance, however, to develop new relationships online.  You might start by joining a forum, or by starting a blog that caters to a certain niche.  If you’re a fan of diet and fitness, the forums of MyFitnessPal and ShapeFit are the way to go.  Do you like television shows?  The boards at TV are likely the place for you.You could also join forums that cater to your stranger interests, like your obsession with horror fiction or your love of rubbing mayonnaise into your hair.  Should you make your posts often and are willing to respond to others’ replies, you might find how easy it is to make new friends through the screen.

Work Your Muscles

Joining a gym is an awesome way to meet people with similar fitness goals, and to get in shape for any occasion.  Together, you may partake in the sharing of fitness tips, as well as keep each other motivated to work toward your targets.Not all sports lend themselves to socialization, though, and it is important to keep that in mind.  Some athletic activities that do allow for a chat are:

  • Running – Strike up a conversation with the person on the treadmill next to yours, or to the guy jogging on your track.  Get his opinion on running shoes before looking online.
  • Biking – Ask someone what bike they’ve liked the most, or in what marathons they’ve participated.  There are bikers who are passionate about their sport.  Catch their eyes with this bike, or ask them what hybrid bike is right for you before you do your own research.
  • Yoga – After practice, feel free to ask anyone about warm-ups, modifications, and stretches.

Remember to keep an open mind if you’re going for a sports-based approach.  There are athletes who are very particular about how a certain sport is done, or what equipment to pair with the activity.  Contrastingly, you may experience something you never have, before.

Pick Up a Book

It’s not often you would think you would be capable of connecting through literature, however it is surprisingly easy when you join a book club that is well-organized and that knows the topic of its discussions.This is an activity that you may do online or in-person, costs less than a gym membership, and allows others to quickly connect on a deeper level than would be achieved through quick hellos on the way to the car.  It is something that can last several years, too, with proper planning and scheduling.Should you wish to start your own book club, local libraries are usually welcome to let you host.  If the library is not an option, you could retire to a member’s house or to dinner in a place that allows for a peaceful meeting.  Should your community not allow for such organizations, you can easily find book lovers like you at places like Goodreads, or the hidden corner of OnlineBookClub You are now well on your way to becoming someone’s future friend and companion, through the use of simple speech and sharing of interest.  Don’t give up and, of course, good luck!