The Wilson Tour Slam: A Bang for your Buck! – A Review

Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis Racket

The Wilson Tour Slam is a smart buy for any tennis player just starting out. Unlike many of the starters, this one is good because it is perfectly compatible for skill levels beginning through intermediate. With the others, it often becomes necessary for the player to purchase a new racquet fairly soon as their skills outgrow the old one.  But that is not the case here; this one will last a good long time if needed.

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I can guarantee that many of you who are at least somewhat familiar with tennis racquets and their prices will raise an eyebrow upon reading this. After all, who expects to find a dependable, well-made racquet for a price as low as this one? However, there have been many people who decided to give the Tour Slam a try and were pleasantly surprised by the high level of performance it yielded. The price is really what throws everyone in this case-people expect to pay more for a racquet that performs as well as this one, and the fact that it is also manufactured by a well-known sports brand adds to the mystery of the low pricing. But if you are just starting out and require a dependable beginner racquet, this is one you will definitely want to keep in mind!

Product Specs

  • 110 square inch head
  • 27 ¼ inches in length
  • Weighs a total of 11.5 ounces when strung
  • Volcanic Frame Technology
  • Stop Shock Pads

A Closer Look…

The Tour Slam has a great feel to it- it is incredibly light, but still has a large enough sweet spot on the head to unleash a powerful hit. It is ideal for a new player that requires more power behind their swing with less effort. The head is strung tightly to ensure the maximum amount of power upon contact with the ball. As is the case with a lot of racquets, I don’t know if I particularly care for this feature because it is a struggle to keep the ball in bounds when you need to. Then again, I tend to favor a more controlled style of play. If you know your style is focused mainly on power, the Wilson Tour Slam would still be a good option to consider.

Despite the amount of potential power behind it, the Wilson Adult has a really cool feature built in called “Stop Shock Pads” that I think really makes a huge difference. Basically, it is a stabilizer and it is designed to reduce vibration and maximize control when the ball makes contact with the head. A lot of people appreciate this feature because it is easier to hit with both power and control. In addition, the racquet has a Volcanic Frame Technology feature built into the bridge. It ensures greater support for players who are working on building their technique.

The Good

  • Moderate weight
  • Allows a more powerful hit with less effort for players who are not used to hitting hard by generating their own strength and technique
  • Very affordable
  • Size of the sweet spot ensures a much greater chance of getting a good hit
  • Durable
  • Tough (can take a lot of accidental court-scrapes)
  • Many players reported that the quality of their backhand improved drastically upon trying the Tour Slam

The Not-So-Good

  • The grip on the handle has been reported by some users to be a little too large for those with smaller hands
  • While the Tour Slam is considered to be on the lighter side, some players have said that it is too heavy and impairs their playing style slightly as a result.
  • Tends to pack quite a wallop with very little effort- is sometimes a challenge to control the ball and keep it in bounds during a rally

Consider This If…

You are relatively new to tennis and are looking to improve your game, or simply wish to have an affordable racquet on hand to use for recreational purposes. Also if you are working on incorporating more power into your style of play or if you feel that your backhand could use a little more work. If any of these concepts apply to you, the Wilson Tour Slam might be just what you are looking for.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I consider the Tour Slam to be a good value for the price. The fact that it will last from beginner to intermediate skill level ensures that there is no need to dish out more money for a new one right away. All grip and weight issues aside, you won’t find a better value for a racquet anywhere. It is a nice combination of power and control, and I would recommend it to anyone who is in the market for a versatile and reliable option. I commend Wilson for producing an affordable, quality racquet in the Tour Slam.