Wizard Archery Compound Bow Full of Magic Simplicity

Wizard Archery 70 Lbs 30'' Compound Bow - Black

Beginner archers will love the sleek Wizard Archery manufactured by Rage. It has a no-nonsense, light-weight design with wide adjustability for improving skill. And, it looks cool too. A beginner will be eager to get out and try this one on for size.

Magic for a Beginner

Offering a wide range availability for draw weight and draw length is a great thing for a starter bow. When searching for a Compound bow people young and old will find that this one has a so much appeal. With minor settings required, a young archer can personalize it, making the experience that much more positive.While the Wizard is a confident choice for beginners, many bows offer benefits to beginners. One of those is the Genesis Original made by Mathews, Inc.

How These Beginner Bows Compare

Both options require minimal adjustments which is good for starting out. They both boast wide draw lengths which is beneficial to someone young who wants to use the bow as they grow physically.Also, they both weigh under 5 pounds total so they are easy to carry for longer periods of time, especially during a practice session. While the Genesis requires little adjusting, the Wizard does need the user to adjust it before shooting it.

The draw weight is where they also differ. The lowest draw weight setting on the Genesis Original is 5 pounds. For someone who wants more power in their shot, they should look to the Wizard. The personal fine tuning might set it just above for the beginner who wants to make it their own.

Spellbinding Features

As a basic beginner bow, there are characteristics that stand out in its favor. Here are a few more reasons why this is a must when it comes to picking a starter bow:

Easy to Hold

At 4.4 pounds, holding it while learning is a cinch and it only adds a fraction of weight to the overall handling of it. Its quality and durability, especially the compressed ABS limbs, will withstand the weight and strength of the user for years of shooting.

Moderately Compact and Efficient Design

From axel to axel, it measures 35 inches so users will not have a problem with maneuvering it. The twin cams work together to ensure more accuracy in the shot. The black riser is where a magical design comes in. It is pleasing to look at because there are cutouts along the span, which give it a unique, webbed look.


The draw length starts at 26 inches and stretches to 30 inches giving people of different sizes some options. The draw weight is significant and this is where the power comes in. Beginning at 55 pounds it goes up to 70 pounds. This range is ideal for users as they improve their shooting strength.

Satisfying Performance

In terms of performance, archers who are looking to improve their skill will find this to be a good fit. The heaviness of the pull gives enough power to hit a target, still or moving.  The 70 percent let-off also aids in handling it as the arrow is shot off. The heavier let-off also helps beginners get used to holding some weight when they draw.

Value Price

Being afford-ably priced makes it a good choice for a novice tool. It provides a great start without a large financial commitment.Performance, power, price and handy settings for a novice make this choice a plus all around.

Why Would a Buyer Look Elsewhere

There are so many benefits here but considering the points below, it may appeal as much to some.

  • There is not enough adjustability for the newest of users. For children especially, one might be looking for equipment that has even lower draw weights and lengths. While the range here is vast, they could still be too high.
  • More power and weight is desired, especially for avid hunters. Some archers start out wanting to hunt, therefore they need a bit more power in weight and may possibly need a longer draw length.
  • Additional accessories and features are sought. This is a very simple package and it might not be suitable for buyers who are looking for a more detailed tool.
  • They want to make more of a financial investment. Being in the lower price range is budget savvy for some but a buyer might want to spend a little bit more for a bow that has more accessories.

Buyers have many choices in the marketplace to consider and they might not find all that they need and want with this beginner tool.

All In All A Solid Pick for a Starter

The magic of this equipment is in its ease of use. Many will find that using it will help them enjoy the sport more because they will be able to concentrate on learning rather than worrying about making constant adjustments. This lighter equipment will also help the shooter feel more confident. They can put more strength into their shot rather than worrying about making many different adjustments.Novices can easily put magic aside and be confident that they need to look no further than this Wizard of a shooting Compound bow.