Women’s Waterproof/Thinsulate Lined Ski Glove—A Sensible Ski Glove

Women's Waterproof Thinsulate Lined Ski Glove

Sheathed in among the most protective synthetic fabrics available—3M’s multi-layer Thinsulate, which sandwiches warmth-trapping insulation between two layers of waterproofing, moisture-wicking microfibers—the Urban Boundaries Women’s ski gloves are ideal for customers who care first and foremost that their equipment provides excellent protection at a great price.

Function Over Fashion

These products are utilitarian above all else. It’s clear that the whole design was geared toward the essential core function of cold-weather gear: keeping the wearer warm and dry. The long-cuff design is made to be tucked into jacket sleeves, creating an impenetrable barrier of warmth. They’re certainly not the most stylish, and tend to come in a fairly muted range of colors, but as the saying goes: “function over fashion.”You certainly wouldn’t want to find yourself at the top of a mountain with gear items that were designed for looks first and foremost, that’s for sure. Even the most fashionable gear isn’t worth risking discomfort, let alone frostbite over, and while there may be products that are both effective and stylish, for the majority of shoppers it should be a secondary concern at most.

Thick and Cozy—but Possibly Bulky

Further emphasizing a utility-minded design philosophy, they are designed to be quite thick to maximize the quantity of insulation standing between your hands and the cold. Clearly designed for activities that involve very little manual dexterity—skiing, snowboarding, and similar winter activities—these are probably not the best for day to day use, let alone doing chores out in the cold.The addition of a Rubber-tech rubberized gripping material to the palms should help with handling things like a snowboard or what have you, but any extremely fine motor skills would be quite difficult in any gloves of this style. It would be fair to say that some might find them bulky, but remember that they’re designed toward a very specific purpose. Hockey pads are also quite bulky, but in the proper context you’d find they’re just right.Remember that most winter sports don’t involve a lot of active use of the hands or arms, meaning it’s easy for your extremities to get cold. And, unlike hockey pads, you’ll find that these are actually quite comfortable; a secondary benefit of being so fully insulated, which means that your hand won’t just be toasty, it will be pillowed as well. Many wearers may also find them roomy enough to fit a thin pair of liners, and they should be more than spacious enough to fit hand warmers.


But these are more than just well-built gear, they include features too. These include doubling down on tools to seal snow out, with a drawstring and Velcro wrist strap to lock unwanted elements out. There’s also a suede thumb patch for wiping runny noses, something you may appreciate when you’re out in the cold.In short, these are excellent, extremely practical items engineered to offer substantial warmth and protection at a great price. What’s not to like?