Work Outs for Your Weight Bench

You bought this really nice weight bench that is perfect for everything you need it for. Now you stand looking at this piece of equipment and go “what now?”. Luckily for you, that this is a product that a person can do a lot with, so you’ll be sure to be satisfied with the results from using it.

Work Outs for Your Weight Bench

Doing Exercises with Weights

The Basic Bench Press: This is great for your pecs and triceps. If you do it at an incline, your upper pecs will be worked, and lower if declined. Lie down on top the equipment and place your hands on your weights shoulder length apart. Lift bar from the shelf and lower it to your chest and continue reps fully extending upwards and down to your chest. Keep your back flat to avoid injury.
Dumbbell Flyes: Keeping the feet flat against the floor and back against the bench, lift the dumbbells from your sides and raise them together in front and facing each other. Bend your elbows and then place the dumbbells lower on each of one’s sides. Be sure to pause each rep with the dumbbells are near your chest to hold the position.
The Behind the Neck Barbell Press: For this you will should make sure that your back remains straight and you engage your core to get the full benefit of this work out. Raise the bar and hold it behind the back of one’s neck. With your elbows pointed outwards, lift the barbell until you notice that your elbows have extended.
Inclined Dumbbell Curls: For this type of work out, a product like the Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Bench Series 5.1 is perfect. You’ll want to be positive that the position you are at a 45 or no more than a 60 degree angle while sitting down. With the dumbbells at your side and while rotating arms, lift the dumbbell up so that the palms are facing you.

There are many other kinds of exercises you might want to check out for this weight bench. This was only a few to get you started.

Other Work Outs

If using a weight bench to do weight lifting, this would be completely worth the money. If you have a flat version of this product, you could also use it for other types of toning and weight loss exercises as well.

Hammy Helper: While having your toes along the top the bench, you will start with your toes along the top of one’s bench and hands flat against the floor. Then you will raise one of your feet on the calf of your other leg. While engaging your core and maintaining a pose with straight arms, lower the leg that is holding your foot on your calf and raise it again placing your foot back on top of the bench. That will equal one rep. Do that twelve more times before switching legs.
Waist Cincher: While in a side plank position with your feet staying on top of one’s bench, place your right foot in front of your left while holding yourself up on your left arm that one has placed flat on the ground. Wrap your other arm around your waist to help support your core during this exercise.  Raise your hips as high as you can and hold. Then lower yourself down and continue this for 12 reps. Then switch sides and repeat for twelve more.

Wow, I Can Do a Lot

There are a lot more exercises than listed here that anyone is able to do with this item, depending on what goals you want to accomplish. Figure out what your goals are, and find the right weight bench to help you achieve those goals.