Work with us

We work with several brands and service providers to review and feature their products and services.

Our audience is looking for luxury – travel, dining, products and services. If you provide one of these, we would like to hear about your service and explore ways to work with you.

Why work with us?

Unlike other travel blogs and sites, which mainly focused on budget travel, our site focuses on experiences. Our audience is looking for quality products and services to enrich their travel.

How it works?

We will personally experience the services and products and then blog about them.

Example services that can benefit

Hotels Chains: Get your hotel featured along with an overview of their amenities.

Boutique Hotels: Stand out from the crowd by getting your luxury boutique hotel in from of people who want to come and stay at your location.

AirBnB Hosts: AirBnB hosts looking to get features on travel site and increase exposure to your listing.

Upscale SPA: Are you an owner of an upscale SPA? We can help you bring your services in front of our audience. Our audience is looking for luxury services to use on regular basis or while they are traveling.

Designer Clothing & Apparel: If you are associated with a designer label and want to get some attention to your line, we can work to feature your brand and products on the site and also arrange a giveaway for our audience.

Fitness Studios: A gym or a fitness service can benefit by getting featured on our site. Our audience is very interested in fitness and we regularly publish content related on fitness.

Restaurant: Fine dining restaurants can attract our affluent audience who are looking for local experiences or places to dine while traveling.

Local Café: We dig local cafes. If you operate a local café, hit us up and we will work with you to feature your place on the site.

Products: Are you a manufacturer or retailer of a high-end and high-quality products? We can feature your products on our site.

These are some examples based on work we have done in the past. Please contact us to see if your service or products are a good fit for us.

How much does it cost?

We price our service based on several factors including but not limited to:

  • Relevancy of the service.
  • Value of the service.
  • Time required to review the service.